• I use a small orange for web hosting, I need a step by step installation that ACTUALLY MATCHES what to do. I’m a massage therapist, I don’t have 8 hours to spend doing the “oh so easy” 5 minute installation. The installation process uses terms as if I’m a web developer, clearly I’m not. If anyone wants to help, I would be so happy. Also rating wordpress very low, I wish negative numbers could be used.

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  • Perhaps it’s better you take a look at wordpress.com

    Hi, @krystiyakonickmt. The installation instructions can definitely be a little intimidating at first if some of the terminology they use is new to you. 🙂

    Do the detailed installation instructions help any at all?

    Or is there a specific point in the process where you’re getting stuck, that we could perhaps talk you through in smaller steps?

    Sorry that you feel that way about WordPress. I can assure you that WP is one of the most easiest CMS to install and get going. It takes me under 2 minutes to get it up and going. Of course I have many years of experience but people have made WP super easy to install.

    I use ASO and find that there cPanel app installer does everything for you with little human interaction. As a means to make sure you get the most up to date walkthrough on your your platform, I am going to write the steps here. The instructions on ASO are not updated and this may help you.

    1. Log into your cPanel
    2. Scroll down to the blue header that says “Software”
    3. You will see a icon that says “Softaculous Apps Installer”. Click it.
    4. The first application when the page reloads will be WordPress. Hover over it and click “Install”.
    5. The window will open up with a small header that says “Software Setup”. This is where you will fill out the information about your new WordPress website. In the “Software Setup” section, please remove the “wp” in the text field for the “In Directory” input. It may be blank but just ensure that it is blank.
    6. There are two more sections that you need to worry about. “Site Settings” and “Admin Account”. You can change these later but ensure that the “Admin username” field is what you want.
    7. Click “Install” at the bottom of the screen and a progress bar will pop up. When complete it will give you information about your WordPress site. That is it. You are DONE!.


    Don’t worry, i had same issue, and somehow managed to overcome it.
    Maybe i can help you with installation.

    There is more than one way to install wordpress.
    You can install wp via Cpanel provided by host.
    In “My Sql” you need to create database and user (password as well), then assign user to database.
    After you finished that go to File manager, on the left hand side find public_html. Once you have done that just simply upload wordpress zip file. Last step is to unzip file into public_html.
    Now just go to you’re web site and there should be WordPress installation screen. Just follow the instructions and ABRAKADABRA you have a website 🙂

    Second way is by using FTP server such as FilleZilla etc.
    Download program, install it on you’re PC/MAC enter needed information into program so it can establish connection with the host.
    Download zipfille WordPress,unzip it and here is a fun part. You need to find wp-config.php and open it with Text editor. You need to manually enter database name, user name and password you have created in Cpanel. Click save.
    Once you have finished just upload all unzipped files into public_html and grab a cup of coffee.
    Now just go to you’re web site and there should be WordPress installation screen. Just follow the instructions and ABRAKADABRA you have a website 🙂

    Hope this was helpful, and let me know if you get stuck somewhere.

    LMAO. WordPress is hard? Nah…its impossible. Ive been trying to learn WP since June of 2012 and after several in depth video tutorial courses I am still no closer to getting a site on line than I was in June of 2012 when I started with WP tutorial books. This app is just the toughest thing to get going I can imagine. I keep trying. Ive been at yet another set of complete instructional videos for the last month and Im once again at the point where I want to cut myself. ANYONE that says WP is easy is in need of a hard punch in the mouth and a polite request to stop lying to you.

    @alexmcginness Maybe you should look at wordpress.com OR get a quality web host such as Bluehost or any other host on the recommended hosts list and use the “one click installer”.

    The version of WordPress here at wordpress.org can and has been used by non-technical people, but truthfully (IMO!) the 5 minute install is targeted towards web professionals. Many times, the user’s host is not compatible. WordPress does NOT have any unusual requirements but free and low cost hosts sometimes leave out crucially needed features.

    As far as WordPress “sucks”, well…almost 30% of the web is powered by WordPress.

    Mod, Please close this ticket as it is not very constructive…

    Hi @alexmcginness,

    I will forgive your ignorance and your naive response. I understand (as well as others) that there is some things that are easy for most of the world but “impossible” for some. It is ok to not grasp WordPress. There are many development companies and freelancers out there that you can contact to do your project for you.

    Just incase you can not find a place, here is a site to find developers:

    – jobs.wordpress.net

    Due to the lack of insight, I am closing this thread.

    Thank you and have a good day!

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