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  • Yesterday I installed plugin and modified my menu. Todoay I login and all menus are ordered randomly, some submenus have become main menus, and when I edit I have only 2 separators instead of 4. On each page reload menus are ordered randomly again. What the heck is going on here?

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  • Hi and thanks for raising this issue. This does indeed sound like very odd behaviour. Could you give me a little more info about the environment this is happening in?

    • Other plugins that are heavy on the WordPress admin? Adminimize or similar?
    • WordPress (multisite yes no?) & PHP Version you are using?
    • Maybe the name of the theme you are using?

    Thanks a lot in advance for additional info, so far I couldn’t reproduce the issue on my local environment using WP4.7 multisite and non-multisite.

    Glad to see this plugin is still supported 🙂 I can tell you that my site doesn’t really have any heavy plugins I can think of, neither the ones you mention. My WP is latest 4.7 (non multisite), PHP is 5.5. My the is GLOBO, premium theme from Envato.

    Thanks for your reply, it is still supported yes and there will be future releases too. Could you try to reproduce the issue when activating one of the WP default themes on your site or development environment? Since I don’t have the Globo listings theme, I can hardly reproduce what’s the underlaying reason for the problem otherwise.

    no, the problem persists also with WP default theme. For instance, as soon as I activate the plugin, some submenus are pulled out from their parent menu and put in the main menu as if they are parent menu themselves (e.g. wocommerce orders/reports, are now parent menus). On disactivating the plugin, all submenus go back under their parent menu.

    Plugin Contributor Pascal Birchler


    Sounds like this plugin is behaving more like an Admin Menu Randomizer on your install then.

    I suggest you to try out the early development version of our upcoming release, Admin Menu Manager 2.0.0. It’s been completely rewritten and fixes many of these annoying little bugs. You can download it here:

    Simply uninstall the current plugin and upload the new ZIP file.

    Note that there still many quirks in this development version, so just let us know if you encounter anything that doesn’t work as expected.

    Thank you for giving me an alternative. This beta version is not as smooth as the previous one, it’s got some bugs (e.g. onmousehover on menu doesn’t show submenus) but it has got some nice new features (like the possibility to add a separator). For the moment it seems at least not to have the issue I raised above. Looking forward for the final release.

    I believe it’s still not working, i.e. on saving the menu order is random and not as I saved it. While I’m holding on for a stable version, I wish you a good new year.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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