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  • I’ve started up a blog to provide some weekly tips for Plugin and Theme designers. I’m hoping to get some community feedback on the ideas on the site. (I’ll be posting another tip in the next 12 hours or so to get more content for you all to judge)

    Weekly WordPress Tips

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  • A little tutorial on writing a plug-in as a class and making it work would be lovely!

    One tutorial on object oriented plugins coming up, check around the site this weekend, while I reformat it for the web from my notes. I’m posting another little tip up right now: Removing Admin Menus.

    Accidentally double posted, my apologies, could a moderator delete this?

    niziol, you might be interested in this:

    How to Write a Simple WordPress Plugin

    mdo, the documentation on the codex and in the link provided is very scare on the Object Orientation potentials of writing plugins, which is niziol asked about, and so those links will probably not be of much help at this time.

    The plug-in tutorials are nearly silent on the OO type things, the plug-in I wrote just ended up having prefixed functions, rather than existing as one class.

    I’ll keep my eye on the site for that! 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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