• I see there is a post in here for free webhosting. I will offer webhosting for $2 per month that uses WP. Obviously, we’re not here to profit. It will include (flexible on all of these):
    50 MB space
    400 megs badwidth
    10 databases (mysql)
    10 email addresses
    unlimited forwarders
    There are even pre-installed scripts, etc, etc that you can use. Also, if you bring two people to use the $2 month hosting, you will get yours free.
    Anyway, check it out at http://www.caltheta.com or email me at joe@caltheta.com
    I know its not free… but pretty damn close! You can pay by check in 6 month increments or PayPal.

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  • Even a new blog, poorly advertised and with very low levels of activity by the owner could easily exceed your bandwidth limit.

    not really, i myself survived on 150 megs for around a year… 🙂
    for a personal blog 400 megs are enough i believe… :p

    400meg is plenty

    Hehe, really Sushubh. I don’t even go over 50 mb per month and my bandwidth is capped at 50gb/month.

    What happens if I go over the bandwidth limit? Will readers be blocked from reading my blog, or will it just mean that there will be extra charges?
    Also, what if my website includes both a blog and some non-blog pages – is that okay?

    If you go over… it wont be an issue…. I have PLENTY of bandwidth I am not using. At no time, will your site be deactivated because you go ove ryour bandwidth. If it becomes too big of an issue, I will send an email to you and we will resolve the issue- but I will not deactivate your account or stop people from seeing it.
    And yes, your page can include whatever you want under 50 megs (as long as it is legal!). And even if you need a bit more, that’s fine too.

    I am allowed 500mb bandwidth and it fits perfectly in a one-month duration. Hosting is pretty cheap in pesos. Unlimited MYSQL. check it out at http://www.ploghost.com

    damn mark, u got an awesome package.
    i am almost out of my 1 GB for this month :(…

    Well, I am just offering… if you need more space, email me. No biggie. Just trying to offer people a good deal.. I’m not looking to profit. If I was, I wouldn’t be in the webhosting business (no money here!)

    I didn’t mean to rain on your parade. It looks like a good deal. I only commented because a lot of blogs carry increasing numbers of images.

    No prob! It just amazes me how WP can be such a great program… and MT- which is a decent program, is now charging money! What a scam. I hope WP continues to be a success- so I will do what I can to see it happen.

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