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  • Plugin Author Adam Capriola


    Which post meta did you use for saving the visitors before?

    I have no clue what ‘post meta’ means but I’ve been using Jetpack for a few months now and always looked at those “Site Stats” in the Dashboard.

    Plugin Author Adam Capriola


    Oh ok, I thought you might have been using a different plugin previously to save the views and wanted to combine the totals or something of that nature.

    It should display the all time views listed in the Jetpack Site Stats for each post. It waits 3 hours between checking for the updated tally just so it doesn’t overload the WordPress Stats API. That might be why the number is low for you right now.

    I’d say let it run for a few hours, then check the views again and see if it has updated.

    Ah, so it is not possible to use it as a visitor counter for a blog but rather for single posts/pages?

    Maybe I should explain better what I’m trying to do.

    I put the [view-count] code in a widget to use it as a visitor counter on the sidebar of my blog.
    It now shows 16, which seems to be the number of visitors that looked at my website for the last 3 days since I installed the plugin.

    But when I have a look at my Dashboards’ Site Stats and then at “Summaries” I can see the total number of visitors of the last months = around 700 or something (I know all those numbers are ridiculously small xD but every 100th visitor is a milestone for me ;D).

    I’d love to have this total number of visitors displayed, and not only those 16 who visited since installing the plugin. If thats possible..

    Plugin Author Adam Capriola


    Ok yeah, this plugin doesn’t display the total number of visitors. It displays views for individual posts. Sorry for the confusion!

    I’m not sure about the number it’s currently showing. Can you link me to your site and I’ll take a look?

    Oh damn, well good to know :/ Can’t seem to find a reliable counter and was hoping I could use this one as it sounded like it is pulling its data right from the WP Stats 😐

    Anyway, here is my site:
    Right at the bottom of the sidebar it shows 16 right now, while yesterday it was 13 – no idea where this number is coming from because according to Site Stats I had a few more visitors than 3 since yesterday.

    Plugin Author Adam Capriola


    What the number is showing is how many hits your home page has gotten (I think). Which probably excludes views from you. So in a couple hours it should update from me visiting it.

    Did you want to display how many people have visited your site, or how many pageviews it’s gotten? I might be able to code something like that.

    I just checked and it still shows ’16’ while in the WP-Stats it says that I had 13 visitors yesterday (with 31 views) and 2 visitors (5 views) today so far.

    I’d like to display how many people visited my blog (the total number of all times), not the pageviews.
    Would be awesome if you could code something like that! 😀

    Plugin Author Adam Capriola


    I just checked and it doesn’t look like there’s currently any way to get the number of people who have visited your blog. WordPress only recently added visitor tracking, so maybe in the future they’ll allow API access to it.

    If you go here:

    You should see a notice that says you can view advanced stats. If you click that, you’ll see it shows visitors, and that’s a new feature. Before it only tracked page views.

    Honestly though, I probably wouldn’t worry too much about displaying how many people visited your site. View and visitor number don’t really mean all that much. Just keep reading/writing and have fun!

    Ah okie, thanks a lot for checking into it though! 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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