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  • I think this is a great plugin, and I appreciate all the hard work. The only issue I have seen is caching. There was an alert that was extended; however, it was showing the initial effective & expires times, instead of the updated times. I use w3tc and cleared the cache to resolve the issue. Is it possible to prevent this plugin from caching? Also, is it possible to add the shortcode to a page where it will display all alerts in the body of the page, instead of the ajax style dropdown?

    Again, great work and very useful plugin.

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  • Plugin Author John Russell


    Thanks for the review, and feedback! I realize caching poses a problem for the NWS Alerts plugin since the information it displays is time pertinent. Thankfully most site caching plugins provide methods for allowing certain sections of a site to not be cached. It will take some time, but it is on the roadmap to make the NWS Alerts plugin compatible with the top site caching plugins, and prevent caching.

    It’s also on the roadmap to improve the alert layout options, however in the current version you could try using “list” as the display option.

    Again, thanks for the review, and for using the plugin.

    Thank you for that information. The list is a good start indeed. I will play around with the template and see what I can come up with. As stated, I use w3tc for cache management, and I use maxcdn. I’ll see what I can come up with there too. Thanks again for a great plugin, and I’m glad to hear you’re actively developing it. Let me know if you need a tester.


    I wanted to follow-up after a few days use. I’m still enjoying this plugin tremendously. I have made some adjustments, such as on my list page I set the map above the details. I wanted to follow-up with a couple questions.

    1. Is it possible to show a map only and list only, so I can take advantage of the grid layout and arrange things differently in the full page list?

    2. Is there a way to allow the user to select the alerts bar to minimize it? When on mobile, the only way to minimize is to scroll the page.

    Thank you again!

    Plugin Author John Russell


    I’m glad to hear that you were able to make some adjustments to the layout to suite your needs.

    1. Unfortunately there isn’t currently a way to show only a map and only a list, separately. I realize the usefulness of this and am working to add it.

    2. There isn’t currently a way to minimize the alerts bar, but looking at it on mobile I see how that would be helpful. I’ll add this to the roadmap.

    Thanks for your continued use and feedback.

    Thank you for the follow-up. I am going to be a pain! Can you add another to-do, where the plugin will not call the google maps api unless it is on a page where it is necessary, please? I have a plugin I use to create my own maps, which has specific parameters being called. I had to go through my plugins and code, and I narrowed the issue down to your plugin and multiple google map api calls. To rectify the issue, I went into the code for your plugin, and added an if statement to only load the api if it is on the page I have the shortcode on. That resolved my problem. I know google changed some stuff, which makes multiple map api calls a nightmare, so I wanted to give you a heads up on this. Here is my modified code:

    if (is_page($page = 'wx-alerts')) {
    		wp_enqueue_script('google-map-api', '', false, null, false);
Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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