• I tested it on a local version (XAMPP) it looks nice.
    But it’s only a beginning, not yet a usable version:

    [book-reviews] is resulting in a list with a lot of empty lines between entries and every time a “Genre” at the end. Do you display all, even the disabled or empty fields?

    the listed entry does not show the ISBN even when filled

    I’m missing publisher, “technical data” as pages, price, medium (I have also CDs and DVDs to show!)

    Very nice would be an export/import function…

    I’m desperately looking for a program like this as I want to handle more than 400 titles and it should be manageable.

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  • Plugin Author Chris Reynolds


    Hi! Thanks for the feedback.

    The plugin adds only a minimal amount of CSS which is intentional as it is not a plugin’s place to affect the design of the site — that is for the theme to do. Additionally, it is impossible to ensure that a plugin will look good on every theme.

    The ISBN field is primarily for search capabilities, not display (although you certainly could display an ISBN number associated with a book by editing the theme and echoing that post meta).

    Book Reviews are a custom post type, meaning that import/export is possible with the built-in WordPress import/export functionality. There is no current (or planned) development around importing or exporting to/from other platforms.

    Publisher, medium and many other “technical data” items are a planned feature for a future release.

    The plugin is open source and pull requests or feature enhancements are welcome on the GitHub repository: https://github.com/jazzsequence/book-review-library/

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