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  • Per the post at we will be attempting to set a defined scope for version 3.0, and stick to it. Use this thread to discuss features for inclusion, and which features you think are most important to have in core vs. a plugin. Bear in mind that version 3.0 is when MU functionality will come into core, so WordPress will support running multiple blogs/sites from one installation, and that merge is in itself a big project. If you could only pick *one* other feature, what would it be?

    Here are some of the ideas that have been discussed for 3.0 before… the list is clearly too long, but it will give you an idea of what’s been proposed or pushed before:

    Easy blog menu management, dynamic image resize/crop, media upload UI redesign (begun in 2.9 but postponed for implementation due to technical issues), photo albums, custom content type UI and API, supercharging queries (cross-taxonomies), categories/tags for pages, auto-taxonomy UI, custom fields UI (possibly to be registered by themes or plugins for something to be displayed), settings UI redesign, improve the upgrade process (inc. distros for specific use types), SVN awareness, canonical plugins and a UI for displaying them, plugin page redesign, themes UI redesign, comments UI touchup, decouple language updates and files, new default theme, choose your own start page, caps lock detection, accessibility admin theme, mobile admin theme, synching custom fields > taxonomies, exif refresh, role management simplification, credits page in app, default custom types (microblog, galleries, asides), admin bar, front end comment moderation, front end posting (a la P2), better importers, widget installer, importer installer, more inline documentation, built-in “Welcome to WordPress” guide for 1st time admin use/checklist (set settings, add profiles, set up comment options, dashboard modules, add widgets, pick a theme, etc) with ability to dismiss as you move through, better help tab, more template tags, better zone selector, new code editor, XSL for RSS feeds (pretty feeds), bulk user creation (lazy load importer?), below post widgets, image importing, HTML validation, customizable comment form, Twitter and Flickr importers, WordPress capitalization catcher, configurable QuickPress configurable (add categories), more dashboard modules, easy linking to internal content when writing new content in editor, audit of error messages and updating them to be clearer revisions for custom fields and taxonomies… the list is endless, really, because there are so many cool things we could do. But which ones *should* we do? And specifically, which should we do in 3.0? Discuss!

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  • Absolutely, an admin bar (similar to the bar that exists for users with multiple blogs) is the single thing I want most. Having to login as an admin to each of my blogs to check stats, approve comments, etc., is a PITA. I love my three self-hosted WP sites – but sincerely miss the ‘my blogs’ functionality and accessibility of my admin control panel.

    @gaelen What about this?

    Merry christmas

    The merge of WordPress with WordPress-MU sounds really exciting. We’ve been migrating our website to WordPress recently (, but we soon need to create more similar websites for our various projects and having multiple WordPress installs would be rather counter productive. I’m eager to hear about and ETA for 3.0 πŸ™‚

    Subversion awareness for WP updates would be fantastic, but my main request is something that hopefully is already on the roadmap now that MU is being merged in: nice, clean, easy, native (ie, not via a plugin) multi-domain management. Included in this should be the ability to install with any domain name I want, including one with “www”; something which is currently impossible in MU without modifying core.

    I’m glad the decision has been made to stick to planned features and to limit the cycle time.

    I’m still very dismayed by the policy of punting patches during beta cycles. This is by far the biggest problem with the QA workflow that I’ve seen, and “fixing this might break something” is a circular argument. Nothing would ever get fixed if the devs weren’t constantly making exceptions to that rule.

    I’d like to see sections (channels) where you can have say a blog section and a portfolio section and then add pages, categories, and posts to them. That way you could have more control over your content and have categories and pages relative. Example: or

    I’d also like to see a better Permalink system where you can create series of rules like you can in Texpattern using a plugin called gbp_permanent_links.

    And finally a better Theme Editor where you can control JavaScript and other files in folders etc. Create a file from within the editor would also be nice.

    Maybe registration question something like 1+8=?. I don’t want Sabre or Register plus etc. plugins, because there is many many others options, that i doesn’t need. Just question. πŸ™‚

    Hi agree with miqrogroove. Please let’s stick to planned features. I would rather see less features implemented less rapidly and more efficiently. I’m happy with WordPress is great and would be happy not to have to upgrade for a while.

    Easy blog menu management. Like what menus/submenus show up on what page, and functionality like the Subpages widget. See menus on side of pages at with top level at the top, and only pages in each “section” being on the side menu. Even what’s there required some hacking of the Subpages widget plugin.

    @driz – I suppose you’re trying to say that you should be able to marry a page (and all its child pages) with a category (and all its subcategories). From this I guess you should have channel RSS feeds and even the possibility to link a certain channel with a Twitter account list. I like! Although, I suppose this would be in the scope of a plugin to deliver.

    @hpguru – Perhaps this plugin?

    @janeforshort – For me this kind of goes back 7 months when there was a discussion on communications. This looks like it will fix some of the problems I saw in WP, and the apparent lack of communication and co-ordination towards making a bigger, even better platform.

    Merry Christmas all πŸ™‚

    Speaking of registration: I would love to have a much more rigid registration policy. More rigid means enforce email verification (not only after first signup, but after every change of email). Register Plus (which has several XSS exploits btw, somebody might want to pull this from WP Extend!) could be used for the first part, but let’s you easily change it to after the initial signup is done πŸ™

    I know the WordPress comment system is not a forum per se, but I’d still love to see email verification (which is a standard, but optional, feature in almost every forumsoftware) been brought into WordPress. Without this, it’s trolling galore with no real means to stop them. WordPress is becoming more and more a social communication platform; let’s treat it as such and give administrators the tools to deal with trolls.

    This would be my biggest wish for WordPress 3.0. If the necessary hooks are already in code, then please mention them so I can commision someone to make a plugin for this.

    Merry Christmas to all WordPress (core and plugin) developers, theme artists, support moderators and other WordPress geeks!

    @bsutcliffe: Yur plugin is for comments, i need spam registration protect, a plugin, which add to registration form just one simple question.

    I do a lot of work helping others get WordPress installed and then training them to use it. I consistently see people run into two difficulties that I would love to see addressed in a future version of WordPress:

    1. I’ve lost count of how many times someone would like to have a home page that includes some intro text followed by the latest blog posts. Right now that is just too hard for non-technical users because you have to edit the theme to have a home page template with multiple loops.

    The current reading settings allow setting the front page and the posts page. But it doesn’t work to select both as the same page. Even though it is possible to set them the same in the interface, it displays a “Warning: these pages should not be the same!” message without explaining why.

    How about making that work so that if you check them both then the page content is displayed followed by posts? It would be much friendlier and simpler for many users.

    2. Almost everyone I’ve worked with has a need for headings and sub-headings in their posts. But the the menu for headings is buried under the second level of the kitchen sink icon. It would be great to have this up at the first level with the other basic style icons. But I would love to see it go a bit further with named, theme-defined styles, which could be done similar to the thumbnail feature introduced in 2.9 where a theme can define named image sizes. Themes could define custom bits of html and css and give them a name to show in that menu.

    “But which ones *should* we do?”
    +subscribe to comments plugin in “core”

    Better registration spam prevention. Syrsly, this should be like priority UNO. Most folks don’t have the advanced skills to setup some of the more difficult recommendations suggested in the readme file and other areas. I am positive something robust could be built that can change as hackers get better, and that would mean this should be an ongoing integrated anti-splog/-spam system…

    …ESPECIALLY now that MU is going to be a part of it all.

    I don’t think I could stress this enough.

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