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  • yesterday, I went live w/ v3 of my site @

    There were quite a few things I wanted to do, and most of it involved a very minimal design.

    My last design was heavy on some custom flash, and had also become a way to showcase some of the plugins I’ve written over time. Consequently, I thought it was becoming over-fluffed. Granted some of the things were nice, but..

    I also wanted to be as image free as possible. My last two designs were not really image heavy, but I wanted to see what I could accomplish without them. As a result, there is only one image used thats not inside a post — the feed icon.

    I’ve also decided to completely disregard people that are still @ 800×600. Both of my previous designs were fixed width, and displayed nicely at that resolution – this time, I decided I wasnt going to give up space to accommodate that. Consequently, the footer wrapping isnt perfect at that resolution.

    If you are using that resolution and see it — dont bother telling me, I already know, and honestly, I dont care 🙂

    Flame me if you like.. it wont matter.

    I’m not too interested in usability issues — ie remarks like “it needs a search box in the header” are likely to fall deaf on deaf ears. I toyed with that, and decided against it. It wont happen.

    I do have a print css but forgot to include the link to the print page.. that’s forthcoming.

    What I am interested in is very specific breakage in different browsers, like camino and opera. Things that are blaringly obvious — the black breaks, or something like that. Please, if you see something that looks like that, let me know, including the browser name version — A screenshot of the problem would be most awesome too.

    Content inside posts:

    I am aware of some of the older posts looking funny, thats duue in large part to how I had to do things with my last theme. I am slowly going to go through those old posts, and arrange some of them differently but thats not a priority.

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  • @whooami: Congrats!! It pass XHTML validation and I am loving the wide space you have given for your post.

    My site also went version 3 a few days ago =D

    Since you asked for specific things there s something i noticed. Comments are in the left BUT below post form only with OPERA so there’s an empty space to the left of post form. FF and IE6 look OK.

    ps: there’s your screenshot on OPERA

    GamerZ, thanks 🙂

    mmm, thanks for that dueced, looks like it might be a margin issue, Ill have to adjust that some.

    hmm, not the most ideal solution but until I can wake my CSS guru, I’ve swapped sides for those 2 columns — thats at least fixed that in opera, for the time being.

    should be all fixed, thanks again for that deuced, that was exactly what I was looking for 🙂

    There’s is one other thing that i’ve noticed. Viewing your site (index page) in a high resolution it seems centered in all browsers. BUT when you hit page 2 (or archives) your site gets LEFT aligned ONLY in IE7 (!). More than that, code areas inside a post gets left aligned too (!!) but the paragraphs remain justified (as they should be).

    [edit] Not a big thing but the main designer’s goal is to show the same thing in all browsers (did i earn anything?) 🙂 [/edit]

    hmm, thats interesting, those pages were looked at in ie7 last night by 2 ppl, both of us running very high resolutions. Ill take another look at that, thanks.

    There shouldnt be any diff between the individual theme files…as far as layout goes that would affect that.

    Im not worried about code boxes, per say, thats a consequence of the post formatting, (if youre seeing what I think you are seeing, that is).


    im sorry, what I am looking at in that picture? I dont need a ruler, I believe that you are saying what you see. 🙂

    what is the resolution your viewing at? and that window is resized, correct? is it the same at full screen?

    browsershots canT duplicate what you see (im looking at 1600 and 1440 so far)

    dunno, Ive rdp’d into a box, did a fresh windows update to install ie7, rebooted and logged in at 1440×900, looked at first page (looks fine), clicked through to page/2 (looks fine), resized the page all kinds of ways (looks fine), clicked through to the archives page (looks fine). browsershots’ ie7 looks fine too.

    I saw your screenshot in browsershots but thats not what i see in my IE7 right now.

    It doesnt matter if its full screen or resized. In IE7 i see your page aligned at the left of the browser (along with a number at your top left which is -i guess- for a cached page and which is not viewable in other browsers).

    I ve also take a look from another PC (im behind a proxy) and got the same result for IE7

    whats your IP? if you dont mind sharing? if you are not comfortable saying here, could you email it to me at whoo at also, when you view source on that page, what do you see at the top?

    Thats eaccelerator caching.

    ahhh ..proxy …that doesnt explain why you you dont see it in other browsers, but ..

    I can pick your ip out of my logs now. thats not a style issue.

    You ll find it in your logfile

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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