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    If someone could answer that. I have the following code:

    <?php if (is_single()) { ?>

    <p>Random text that will be different for each post.</p>

    <?php } ?>

    Is it somehow possible with this plugin for the random text that I want to be displayed, to be specified in the post itself? Because creating a unique snippet per post is excessive.

    Thank you!

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  • estr


    Tried to put “<?php if (is_single()) { ?>” into [php snippet=1].

    And “<?php } ?>” into [php snippet=2].

    And then to do the following in the post:

    [php snippet=1]
    <p>Random text that will be different for each post.</p>
    [php snippet=2]

    But this does not work 🙁



    In the plugin description it is said that:

    “The plugin also contains a variable array which you can add variables to for use between snippets called $_var and is available though the global variable $PHPPC which is an object, so its $PHPPC->_vars[]”

    But I am not that advanced to understand how to use this or if this could be used to solve my problem at all.

    Plugin Author Jamie


    Hi Estr,

    as of version 1.1.1 you can now specify parameters to the plugin’s shortcode using the parameter “param”.

    you can specify the value of param in a name=value pair separated by &s.

    For example [php snippet=2 param="myvar=myval&othervar=otherval"].

    There parameters can be accessed within your snippet using $_parameters variable.

    for example: echo $_parameters["myvar"]; would output “myval”

    I hope this solves your issue.


    Great, thank you!

    I have a similar question, but I need to insert a [shortcode] that calls a db field as my parameter/variable…

    I’m not super great at php, so I may not be defining the parameters/variables within the php correctly…

    In the snippet I have…


    echo shortenURL(‘$_myvar’);

    then when I use the short code, I need the myvar = [iw_db_AffiliateID]

    something like:

    [php snippet=1 param=”myvar=[iw_db_db_AffiliateID]”

    So, 2 questions…

    1. how do I define “myvar” within the snippet to be a parameter/variable

    2. Can I Use a shortcode/db field as the variable, and if so, how do I specify it in there?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated by this newbie..


    nevermind…figured it out. thanks.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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