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  • Plugin Author sjiamnocna


    Well, I hope greek alphabet would have enough characters for each testing version until the final working version 🙂

    Ive uploaded v.2.0.b

    Thanks for your work on V2
    Possible bug?
    I enter a Vimeo link for a song in the video url
    Hit update
    It does not show in the field
    So its not writing the URL…

    Also Add File button non-functional

    (also you might consider having a native English speaker go through the help files as it sometimes a little hard to figure out what is meant…)
    hope this helps

    Possible Bug
    Don’t know what;s going on with the sort order
    I get it resetting after so many entries and its say Video when none is set

    Blood and Gold Video
    Caal the Ewes tae the Knowes Traditional Video
    Canon of Peace Video
    Dancin in the Street Contemporary Video
    Down to the River to Pray Gospel Video
    Eh Zhito Zela World Video
    Father Adieu Traditional Video
    Gaudete Christmas Video
    Georgia Jazz Video
    Gloucestershire Wassail Christmas Video
    Gonna build a mountain Gospel Video
    God Gave Rock’n’Roll Contemporary Video
    Green Grow The Holly Christmas Video
    Happy Together Jazz Video
    Hark! Hark! Hark! Christmas Video
    I feel like going on Gospel Video
    I Love My Love Traditional Video
    Ain’ No Sunshine Contemporary Video
    Autumn Video
    Blessed Contemporary Video
    I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to be Free Gospel Video
    I’ll Be There Gospel Video
    In the Bleak Midwinter Christmas Video
    La Dom Seh World Video
    Let it Grow Contemporary Video
    Life’s Purpose Traditional Video
    Lo How A Rose E’er Blooming Christmas Video
    Moondance Contemporary Video
    Ma Bonny Lad Traditional Video
    Never Weather Beaten Sail Traditional Video
    Njoo Kwehtu African Video
    Non Nobis Domine Classical Video
    Oak And Willow Video
    One Hand, One Heart Musical Video
    Over My Head Gospel Video
    Oz dolu idu World Video
    Pavane Traditional Video
    People Sing Out Video
    Rejoice! A Child Is Born Christmas Video
    Robin Traditional Video
    Santa Natale Christmas Video
    Sing By The Fire Video
    Singabahambayo thina African Video
    Siyahamb’e African Video
    Soaring Skywards Video
    Song of Peace Classical Video
    Spring Video
    Take Me Up The Tyne Traditional Video
    The Holly and the Ivy Christmas Video
    Ton Pare Notenas World Video
    Tourdion World Video
    Unison In Harmony Video
    Wade in the Water Gospel Video
    Way Over Yonder Gospel Video
    While Shepherds Watched Christmas Video
    White Christmas Christmas Video
    Winter Wonderland Christmas Video
    Yes He Did Gospel Video
    Ain’ Nobody Contemporary Video
    At Last Jazz Video
    Boogie Night Contemporary Video
    Byker Hill and Walker Shore North-East Video
    Coorie Doon North-East Video
    Deo Gratias Classical Video
    Guys And Dolls Medley Musical Video
    Happy Contemporary Video
    Hold Your Head Up High Video
    I Can See Clearly Now Contemporary Video
    I Could Write A Book Jazz Video
    I’ll Fly Away Gospel Video
    Lean on Me Contemporary Video
    Let it Snow Christmas Video
    Listen To The Music Contemporary Video
    Locus Iste Classical Video
    Love The One You’re With Contemporary Video
    Magical Mystery Medley Contemporary Video
    Mama Piero Me Toca World Video
    Never Let it Slip Away Contemporary Video
    On The Roof Contemporary Video
    One Note Samba Jazz Video
    Our Day Will Come Jazz Video
    Our House Contemporary Video
    Per Spelmann World Video
    Quayside Cuts North-East Video
    Rappa Te Bank North-East Video
    Shaking the Tree Contemporary Video
    The Broom of Cowdenknowes Folk Video
    The Colliers Rant North-East Video
    The Oak and the Ash Folk Video
    True Colours Contemporary Video
    Two Brothers Video
    Under My Skin Jazz Video
    Up the Raa North-East Video
    Waiting North-East Video
    Zulu Carol African Video

    Plugin Author sjiamnocna


    Sorry, I dont understand, what is wrong with the list – what does it mean “resetting”? Can you add link, please?

    Thank you for your help with fixing errors 🙂

    The list is supposed to be in alphabetical order. It’s Gets to yes he did and then starts from A again with ain’ nobody.

    Plugin Author sjiamnocna


    I see it now.
    I filled my testing WordPress install with your song titles, and I found that you’re right:

    Adios 	Ahoj 	2015
    Bebe mucho! 		2015
    Ciento y dos 		2015
    Dancin in the Street Contemporary 		2015
    Down to the River to Pray Gospel 		2015
    Eh Zhito Zela World 		2015
    Father Adieu Traditional 		2015
    Gaudete Christmas 		2015
    Georgia Jazz 		2015
    Gloucestershire Wassail Christmas 		2015
    Gonna build a mountain Gospel 		2015
    God Gave Rock’n’Roll Contemporary 		2015
    Green Grow The Holly Christmas 		2015
    Happy Together Jazz Video 		2015
    Hark! Hark! Hark! Christmas 	Ahoj 	2015
    I feel like going on Gospel 	Ahoj 	2015
    I Love My Love Traditional 	Ahoj 	2015
    Ain’ No Sunshine Contemporary 	Ahoj 	2015
    Blessed Contemporary 	Ahoj 	2015
    I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to be Free Gospel 	Ahoj 	2015
    I’ll Be There Gospel 	Ahoj 	2015
    In the Bleak Midwinter Christmas 	Ahoj 	2015
    La Dom Seh World 	Ahoj 	2015
    Moondance Contemporary 	Ahoj 	2015
    Never Weather Beaten Sail Traditional 	Ahoj 	2015
    Oak And Willow 	Ahoj 	2015
    Pavane Traditional 	Ahoj 	2015
    Rejoice! A Child Is Born Christmas 	Ahoj 	2015
    Santa Natale Christmas 	Ahoj 	2015
    Take Me Up The Tyne Traditional 	Ahoj 	2015
    Unison In Harmony 	Ahoj 	2015
    Wade in the Water Gospel 	Ahoj 	2015
    Zulu african carol 	Ahoj 	2015
    My first baby cryes 	Ahoj 	2015

    And also found reason:

    In settings I’ve added option “Order songs by”, where Ive added option “Title” but with wrong value “songs”

    Ive fixed it and added v2.0.d

    Yes that works, thanks. However the song listing is showing
    string(5) “title”
    at the top of the page

    Is it possible to address the video link issue? Entering a vimeo url in the video url field for a song then pressing update, causes the entered data to vanish. Looks like it is not being saved…

    When looking at an individual song, the links to previous and next seem fairly random i.e., not the next and previous in the list///

    Plugin Author sjiamnocna


    The prev/next post links are built-in theme’s features; I cant change it…

    I was trying value of one variable and forgotten to remove it. Thank you 😉

    The metabox is going to be rebuilt so please be patient 🙂

    Plugin Author sjiamnocna


    New test version was uploaded its called ζ
    Please check the developers tab (Its v. 2.0f)

    Many changes apppeared in this relase

    any news on having the video link working? Am running version 2 as described above thanks

    Plugin Author sjiamnocna


    I’ve relased (hoping the last) testing version 2.0g today. Please tell me, if anything is wrong or missing 🙂

    I’m very sorry for that delays. It’s difficult for me to make changes, when I don’t have enough free time

    I’m so happy to see this update is coming today. I’ve just installed the last version in hopes it would work ok with 4.4 and am getting errors, but maybe 2.0 will make that go away. Thank you for your hard work!

    What’s the best way to update to v2.0? I see the file structure is a little bit different and I don’t want to mess things up. Deactivate the old version and upload the new version?

    Plugin Author sjiamnocna


    Good afternoon.
    Just upload the new files – similar as was written in Install tab into /wp-content/plugins. If you want to keep the old version (I’m really sorry for it’s full of errors) just before the uploading rename the directory, and remember to deactivate the old and activate the new one.

    If you’re upgrading from old version, it should be back-compatible with (at least the songs should be kept)

    I’m happy you’re using my plugin, I hope you like it. It’s still not finished, few features are still missing, but I’ll try to finish it quickly

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