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  • Elementor is a great pagebuilder. It’s very pity that this plugin seems not be compatible with Elementor.
    The language switcher is a static list version with no extra options.
    Maybe it’s made only for standard WordPress websites without more layout extensions…?
    I miss really more modern layout possibilities.

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 4 months ago by alainmelsens.
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  • While this area is intended to leave criticism about the product, and it’s good to receive feedback to improve it every day, you also have to remember before write that behind this plugin there is a person working for free to offer a tool at no cost to users.

    When I’m looking for a solution to a problem, I don’t expect all the results to work for me. All tools have their own limits and if Bogo does not work with Elementor (I have not tested it), it doesn’t mean that it does not work for anyone else: many times the problem is not the tool, but the user who does not know how to use it. For example, I’m also a Bogo user and for me it works perfectly.

    So to say that “I don’t understand why this plugin deserves a place in this WordPress plugin directory” or “I don’t understand all the other 5 star reviews” is not at all respectful or friendly, have you thought about the motivation of the developer who is working for FREE?

    By the way, I was looking in your profile to see if you have developed any themes or plugins and I didn’t find anything. I guess that’s why you don’t have any empathy with the author of this plugin to leave such a hurtful criticism.

    If I could rate your comment I would rate it as useless and give it a dislike.

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    Ok, You’re right. I was too hard and unrespectful to you. 🙁 I’m sorry for that.
    In fact, you’re a developer, I’m not.
    So, I may not be the one who leave only criticism. Maybe you will adapt your plugin and it will be compatible and more usable at a later time…?
    So, I have modified my review and give you 2 stars because you have take the time to reply. I appreciate it and maybe I will give you more stars if your plugin become more compatible with some standard tools.
    Again, I’m very sorry and I will think twice before I write reviews… 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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