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  • Thanks~ why not update it in wordpress plugin directory? it always scares me if i see the note “This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years.”

    One reason is I can’t guarantee any support for it. Also I’ve just patched what was there – ideally the plugin would be rewritten.
    I’m hoping that others will contribute to it on GitHub. Once I’m happy with its stability I will consider updating it in the WP directory.

    I am probably being blind, but I can’t find the setting page anywhere… where should I be looking?

    Settings is a submenu under Reports, which is a menu option on the left in your Dashboard. (If you’re running a multisite installation you’ll find this in your first blog.)

    Yeah, that’s what I was expecting… but it’s not there. Perhaps there some conflict with another plug-in. WP e-Commerce 3.8.9 is the big one I’m using.

    You have to have multisite defined, and be logged in as super admin to see the menu options. I’ve set it up with my own multisite installation in mind. See the wprp_admin_menu function if you want to change that.

    Thank Mike for the update, I use your plugin very often.
    @davidplese if you need it I’ve just made some changes to make this plugin run with not multisite version of wordpress. Here’s the code:

    function wprp_admin_menu(){
    	if (is_admin()){
    		global $wprp;
    		if($wprp == NULL){
    			$wprp = new ReportPost();
    			$wprp->findReports('ORDER BY id DESC',1,'WHERE status=1');
    		$newReports = $wprp->totalRows;
    		if($newReports > 0){
    			$newReports = '<span class="update-plugins count-1"><span class="">'.$newReports.'</span></span>';
    		} else {
    			$newReports = '';
    		add_menu_page('WP-REPORTPOST New Reports', 'Reports'.$newReports, 4, dirname(__FILE__)."/new-reports.php",'', WP_PLUGIN_URL.'/wp-reportpost/assets/reports.png');
    		add_submenu_page( dirname(__FILE__)."/new-reports.php", 'New Reports', 'New Reports', 4,  dirname(__FILE__)."/new-reports.php");
    		add_submenu_page( dirname(__FILE__)."/new-reports.php", 'Archives', 'Archives', 4,  dirname(__FILE__)."/archive-reports.php");
    		add_submenu_page( dirname(__FILE__)."/new-reports.php", 'Settings', 'Settings', 8,  dirname(__FILE__)."/wprpsettings.php");

    Ah, multisite, now I get it. Thanks for explaining. And thanks, Ipno84, for your adaptation.

    will you be offering a bbpress update ?

    @ipno84, where do I add your code to make the plugin work with a non-multisite installation?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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