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    I know that you guys at Elementor are doing a fantastic work. But the latest update(0.10.0 – 09.10.2016) caused problem. (and its the same with version 0.10.1 and 0.10.2

    An issue that occured after the update was that something happened with my animations.

    When I load my site the animation in my hero section starts, but don’t finish. Instead it starts a second time.
    The second time the animation starts it finishes.

    What I done so far:
    * I deactivated all plugins besides Elementor
    I installed a previous version of Elementor. Elementor 0.9 And in that version the animation worked!!!!
    I tried switching themes, but it didn’t effect the outcome.

    Need help please?

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  • Plugin Author ArielK


    Before you open the page with the animation, please press F12 for Developer tools, go to the console tab. Now open the page, see if something show in the console. If you see any error message please paste it here.

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    Okey. I did that now. But there is no error message.

    But I can link my page for further inspection.

    Plugin Author ArielK


    Link to the page it would really help us to find the problem

    I have the same problem with the image hover animation

    Oh, sorry i tought i Linked before




    I’ve added some detailed findings to this thread.

    Might be of some help to the devs. I have a feeling classes aren’t being applied as expected as I’m having issues with column gaps too and when I inspect the code I am not seeing the classes I am used to seeing when animations and different gaps are present.

    I linked to the page above. Any solution?

    Plugin Author ArielK


    We just released a new version with hotfix for hover animation (0.10.3) and other things, please update and check it again



    @arielk Yay! Confirmed fixed!

    OKey, I looked into it. Im happy but confused. The problem was still there at first then I had the animation set to the icon. (animation bounce up) But when I switched to set the animation to the whole section. It worked.

    So when I set the animation to the section it works.
    but not when the animation is set to the icon.

    But thank you, it works!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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