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    thank you for reaching out to us!

    Could you please check three things:
    1. Does the folder “wp-content/uploads/uam-redirect” exists in the wordpress installation on your server?
    2. In that folder, does a file called “.htaccess” exist?
    3. Does your server support htaccess redirects?

    When in doubt, feel free to ask!

    I look forward to your response.

    Kind regards,


    Wrong account, see below.

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    I have the /wp-content/uploads/uam-redirect/ folder but it is empty.

    Yes, .htaccess is supported and I have root access to the server.

    Everything worked perfectly until the last update.

    We are having the same problem.

    No, our site using nginx and have been using this plugin for a couple years now, but its convoluted update process has always caused problems for us. No idea why this plugin isnt developed with wordpress plugin standards in mind.

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    I had to manually create a symlink in order to get things working again. no idea why in the world he creates this crazy symlinks versus linking to the files in the actual plugin folder to begin with.

    ln -s wp-content/plugins/ultimate-ads-manager wp-content/uploads/uam-redirect/base


    Plugin Author M.Sc. Denis Golovin



    no idea why in the world he creates this crazy symlinks versus linking to the files in the actual plugin folder to begin with.

    The Ultimate Ads Manager displays and manages adverts. However, ad blocker extensions deny any requests which have the word “ad” or “ads” in it. Thus, ad blockers cause problems when trying to load http://.*/ultimate-ads-manager/.* URLs. This is why we need these crazy redirects.

    Thank you for sharing your workaround for nginx servers! It seems that we need a hybrid approach which creates symlinks and the .htaccess file, since many hosts do not allow symlinks.

    The update will hopefully be released this week.



    Why not rename the plugin folder name then? =P Seems like a more logical approach.

    Plugin Author M.Sc. Denis Golovin


    As you can see in the plugin repository there is no mention of a folder called ultimate-ads-manager. It is a wordpress internal sanitizing mechanism based on the plugin name as input. So we have the option to create a new plugin with a name which does not include the forbidden words:) or we can dynamically change the folders name, which comes with a bunch of different issues. None of these options is feasible and won’t be implemented.

    I hope this makes the whole symlink/redirecting approach more plausible and transparent to you guys. That being said, we are always interested in hearing your ideas and constructive feedback!


    Plugin Author M.Sc. Denis Golovin


    We just released version 2.2.3, which follows a hybrid approach htaccess + symlinks. If symlinks worked for you in the past, version 2.2.3 should work again on your server.

    Closing this topic.

    Regards from Germany,


    Alberto Marin Moran


    I’m sorry, but version 2.2.2 and 2.2.3 do not work for me. everything worked perfectly before and I’m still in version 4.9.8 of WordPress

    Plugin Author M.Sc. Denis Golovin


    For many people the issue was resolved by removing the file .htaccess in the folder wp-content/uploads/uam-redirect/. We will try to make UAM work on as many servers as possible in the next release.

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