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  • I’m posting this because we as ‘users’, sometimes take for granted the efforts of plugin authors and seem only to comment when we are ‘whining’ or ‘complaining’.

    Mostly because many do not simply follow the install procedures, so seek to blame the Author.

    The Problem :

    All WP users have is security because your site is constantly under threat. Unless your sitting there watching, one morning you’ll get up and your site has been damaged by some malicious idiot!

    The Plugin :

    As of : 07-10-18 this gem of a plugin is still working strong with the latest WP version!

    Whilst it has not been updated for a few years, it’s still working and does so very effectively against potential threats as wouldbe hackers can’t find how to log into your site.

    It’s a near impossibility to do so and soon, they give up and choose an easier target.

    My Two Cents :

    So for what it’s worth to the Author, very well done for this and can only hope they re-visit this plugin to add any additional elements.

    I would certainly make a donation toward it if they were to resume and continue maintaining it!

    It’s lightweight, it works…simple as that!

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