• I never clicked anything that explicitly gave permission to this plugin or it’s developers to send emails to me. The plugin works as described. However, I do not appreciate getting emails like that.
    The first email had the subject “You Ready? Welcome to YotuWP video gallery!” and acted as an introduction to Anthony, who is apparently the founder of the company. It also mentions they are going to keep sending me emails as though I want them.
    The second email, 2 days later, is a link to a blog article on their site.

    If I remember right, plugin developers are not allowed by WP developer policy to scrape admin/user emails without the EXPLICIT permission of the admin. Asking for donations or to upgrade to premium is appropriate in the admin panel only, preferably only while interacting with the plugin itself but plenty of plugins and themes of course use the admin_notices API to nag us everywhere in the backend.

    I’m not unsubscribing… I never subscribed. I didn’t sign up for this so I’ve reported it as spam to Gmail and SES.

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