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    Is there any chance that this plugin could call maybe_unserialize() in some specific fields? (I imagine a checkbox to activate this feature and a textbox to specify the column field)

    I get the ugly serialized array and I can’t get it in any readable form.


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  • Plugin Author Eli


    I have considered that before, but the problem becomes: How would you format the array output from the unserialize function?

    I need only an item of the array for my personal purposes. Is there a hook or something that I can use to customize your plugin for my needs? Could you provide a minimal example in order to learn where to hook my custom code? thanks

    found this commented code in your source, it hinted me where to edit and obtain my specific item:

    $report .= ‘<td>’.($value).'</td>’;//is_array(maybe_unserialize($value))?print_r(maybe_unserialize($value),1):

    It shows that you were already working on something along the idea of using ‘maybe_unserialize’, thanks a lot!

    Plugin Author Eli


    Yes, I was, but as I said, what format should an array be output in? The print_r function is not much better than the serialized values.

    If you only need one value from the serialized array then I think you could use an SQL solution for your issue. You should look into the SQL Functions mid and substring_index. I have used those functions to isolate a single values in a serialized array without PHP, using only an SQL query.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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