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  • I chose this theme because of how it looked. I also made changes to it that were pretty basic like choosing whether I want a sidebar or not. And now I update it and I get a totally different site than before, the font is totally different and considerably uglier, the site tagline is crammed up into the title, the category titles are in bold, the post titles are smaller and I suddenly have a sidebar I need to remove etc. etc.. I shouldn’t HAVE to spend my time on a million tiny little fixes just to restate all the options that I’d already made and bring my site to its NORMAL state. Besides, some things are impossible for me to recover, like the font or the small details I didn’t document since I never imagined this would happen. I am insanely unhappy with this change. I’m now glad I didn’t get around to buying the premium version. I feel like, if you wanted a different “look”, you should have made a new theme instead of ruining an old one.

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    i’m sorry for the inconvenience but i had to change the main font because Abel font doesn’t support cyrillics characters or the bold characters, as i said in this support ticket

    you can download, install and activate this plugin to restore the previous font with the current version and next updates

    or install a previous version

    please, send me a feedback about this plugin

    Best regards



    Look, it’s not just the font. I mean, thank you, the plugin works! I’d already included it from Google Fonts but having a plugin is useful for future updates. Except that’s now the way this should have been handled. Okay, the current font had issues – I didn’t mind them but maybe other people did. So make a dropdown and let us choose! Don’t just hit our sites with a total overhaul that we didn’t want!

    The thing is a number of stuff changed. Like the sizes for everything – as a random example, post titles are now smaller and they’re h3 instead of h1 as they were before. And ok I get it, it’s a good thing. Having multiple h1 tags in the page was a bit against the norm. But if you’re gonna make this change then also respect the choices that I’d made before, through the means that YOU put at my disposal (the old Theme Options page). Now I have to hunt down every little detail that’s different and change it back. And, trust me, I don’t remember all the sizes/settings I’d used. It’s lucky I had a backup so I can compare differences but it’s STILL tedious as hell to comb through the site and edit things.

    Also, using an older version that I can never update again is not a solution and you know that.

    I’m just saying, this wasn’t handled very well. But thanks for the prompt response, anyway.

    Theme Author alexvtn


    what is the current version? ?

    i restored some styles from the version, you can download again the plugin, delete the previous version and install the new version

    anyway you can set the full width layout, for the homepage, from customize => generals => layouts => home layout => full width.

    the old option panel is integrated in the WordPress customize

    the h1 title for each post in the homepage it’s an error, but i added the same font size for the h3 titles, with the new version of suevafree abel font

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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