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  • Hi,

    I’m trying to decide whether I want to run wordpress off SVN or just grab the latest stable release. I’m making this decision because it seems that the repository is seeing a lot of development action (a good thing for bugfixes and new features).

    However, I’m also concerned about using Subversion, because I don’t know much about how you guys deal with QA and unit testing. Specifically, I’d like to know what kind of QA or unit testing you guys do, or if you do any at all before committing changes to the repository?

    Obviously, there is no guarantee with any software that nothing will break between builds, even in releases, but can you shed some light / statistics on exactly how stable the nightly builds are (as well as SVN)– how many times things have gone awry in the past between commits, etc.



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  • those who use svn and the nightly builds are the testers. if you’re not willing to deal with problems, don’t use svn or nightly builds on a production blog you care about.




    and isnt it pretty standard that you do not use SVN releases on production anything. While I cannot answer your question, I dont even understand why you would do anything of a kind on a live blog.

    Ego trip. 🙂

    @ whoammi

    It is? since when? What should differ a commit to a repository from a full fledged release? Ideally, nothing. Ideally, all the testing should be done before each commit, guaranteeing the consistency of each revision and thereby making each revision just like any other release. That is how we work at the office, and guess what, that is how many other companies and sites work too (37signals runs all of their Ruby on Rails apps right off of the trunk build, btw).

    In my personal opinion, QA should be performed incrementally, not on a milestone basis. I was just wondering if this was how WordPress team operated.

    *EDIT* For the hecklers, the word “guarantee” still comes with the same disclaimers I mentioned in my original post.

    @ charle97

    I also never said I wasn’t willing to deal with problems, I was just wondering how many problems there *are*, which the question clearly phrased.

    I’m in no way yelling at the WordPress team for not making their subversion repository as stable as I’d like, I’m just trying to see if it *is* as stable as I’d like. If not, I will happily use a stable release.

    the fact that you’re inquiring about development stability is a tipoff you shouldn’t use svn or nightly builds.

    why is that a tipoff?

    you care about encountering problems. if you didn’t care about using unstable software, you wouldn’t be here asking such questions. you would’ve checked out trunk already.

    I obviously do care about using unstable software, as does any user. I have checked out trunk. The issue isn’t, “is it unstable now?” but rather, “how often is it unstable on average?” which will not be answered by me browsing through the source code at this moment in time. If you do not have an answer to my very specific original question I’d prefer no answer at all than incorrect assumption about my intentions. Then again, from the off-topic answers it’s becoming clear that there is indeed no answer to my question, or I probably would have heard it by now.

    Here is a rephrased question, forgetting the fact that I’m going to run the code at all:

    Is there any QA or automated/unit testing done on the codebase before committing a revision to the repository? If so, what kind of tests/QA is done?

    And as a general aside [opinion question], if you are a user of the nightly build / tester, do you find the releases to be overall “stable enough” for you, the majority of the time?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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