• Unable to install the plugin, getting this error :
    Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /wp-content/plugins/category-featured-images-extended/category-featured-images-extended.php on line 730

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  • Plugin Author CK MacLeod


    I would have appreciated your opening a support question instead of submitting this “review.”

    As for the problem, for general purposes I’d recommend that you upgrade your PHP version to 5.5 or higher, probably via your Web Host: 5.5 is no longer supported as of July of this year, and PHP 7, released 1 year ago, is said to offer potential major performance benefits.

    That said, I believe I can see why the error occurs for you, and the code can be written in a way that doesn’t produce errors in old versions of PHP, and is more proper syntactically. (The details would go better in a support or other discussion context.)

    After some triple-checking, I’ll push out an update to avoid the error for the many users who no doubt are still using older PHP versions. I’m actually surprised this problem didn’t come up earlier – so this “review” was useful to me and I thank you, even if I think that it’s in the wrong place and that it was inconsiderate of you to put it here.

    If you care to investigate further and confirm that the change solves your problem, please open a support thread – and then find 10 or so friends to give the plug-in a high rating and somewhat compensate for your 1-star one.

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    Thread Starter wptechnology


    Hi CK MacLeod,
    And thanks for this so quick fix/correction.
    You were right, the PHP version was set (for an unknown reason) to 5.3.3 which I changed, but just before I tried your last update and it was working correctly.
    Thanks for that and sorry for the bad note… The good (to compensate the bad) is that it allows you to think about people that doesn’t upgrade their PHP 😉 Will try to told friends to note your plugin if they use it too.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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