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  • The following is happening randomly, or maybe it’s related to the user browser? I can’t figure it out to save my life. Any help?

    Example (instead of a well-formatted quote box, the following appears):

    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>Wildcat67 wrote:</div>
    Really? Really?
    So Lombardi, Belichek, Sanders, Ray Lewis, and Matt Millen.
    One of these things is not like the others.

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  • Plugin Author Milan Petrovic


    This code is generated by the Quote feature. I don’t understand what is ‘ugly’ about it?



    I am seeing the same issue – it’s not the HTML he’s referring to, but that some users, when quoting, are getting HTML entities in the post instead of the markup so the actual markup appears in the quote rather than formatting.

    For example, open element tags are posting as ampersand-lt-semicolon, etc. I checked user agents, but it seems to be across the board – Chrome, IE, Firefox.



    I have this as well. It only seems to happen on my end when a user quotes someone with a quote in their post. So any posts with nested quotes in them. One quote works just fine.

    Daniel J. Lewis


    This also greatly annoys my forum posters, too. It happens every time a regular member (who can’t post with HTML) quotes someone else who is already quoting.

    I understand what’s happening. The [quote] shortcode is turned into HTML by GD bbPress Tools. So when someone uses the Quote feature on someone else’s post with a quotation, it copies the HTML code, <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>, instead of the shortcode.

    And since most members can’t publish HTML, it displays the HTML freely instead of interpreting it.

    I think the only fix would be to make the Quote function recognize its own quotations and convert them back into the shortcodes when being double-quoted.

    Hi, I have exactly the same problem.
    Multiple quotes don’t work without admin rights.
    You may found an example here :

    If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic instead of tagging onto someone else’s topic.

    I am now closing this 8 month old topic as it references an older version of WordPress.

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