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  • Plugin Author Greg Priday


    This has been a fairly common feature request. It’s something I’d like to add in the future but I haven’t penciled it into the roadmap quite yet. It would involve a lot of rewriting, and at the moment my own little grid engine is doing a decent job.

    if you are willing TB for the layout, y must agree with Greg.

    unless you are thinking in something… like rock and roll!

    imagine you can create tabs (just an example), or accordion… with site origins page builder.

    and then… you can define the content of each tab with SOPB in the way we love…

    uffff!just imagine that!!!!

    +1 for this. Maybe you could open source this and charge for addons like Advanced Custom Fields. I run a bunch of sites based on the Roots Theme and really need a page builder based on Bootstrap, Bootstrap widgets and bootstrap shortcodes that are all on an dependable well maintained framework.

    If Greg doesn’t commit to do it couldn’t we create an open source project on github to do so based on this plugin?

    I emailed Greg the developer and he got right back to me and said Bootstrap support was in the plans but it might be months since it is a lot of work. I asked if he could put it on GitHub and create a bootstap branch we could contribute too.

    Plugin Author Greg Priday


    I’ve always stuck to subversion. Mainly because it’s what WordPress itself uses. If there are some people that would be willing to contribute and want to go the GitHub route, I’d be more than happy to move my development over there.

    It’d be great if we could all work on a single codebase rather than fork Page Builder off into a separate Bootstrap version.

    Sounds great. It just a large share of the major projects out there are using GitHub.

    I will wait for you to put it there instead of forking it myself. Thanks again!

    Any news on this? Otherwise I am going to be forking it to git to ad features such as being able to add classes and ID’s to the widget areas and widgets themselves.

    Plugin Author Greg Priday


    Hi there Gruvii

    I think the best thing we could do is follow the lead and develop this Twitter Bootstrap functionality as a separate plugin. Just let me know hooks and filters you think you’ll need.

    This is what I think we’d need to pull this off.

    * Filter to disable default CSS.
    * Filters for all class names and IDs.

    Anything else you can think of?


    Don’t get me wrong, I love your themes and your business model. I think they’re really great and very forward thinking.

    But why do we need another Bootstrap plugin?

    I can see Bootstrap Shortcodes, Easy Bootstrap Shortcode, WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS and WPBootM – Responsive Dropdown Menu are out there already.

    I guess the one problem they all have is, they need to install bootstrap CSS, and then, more often than not, the excrement hits the rotating cooling device.

    If you could solve that problem, that might be one reason.

    One way I have seen it done lately is by the guys at UIkit ~ all UIkit classes are namespaced, so they won’t interfere with other frameworks and extensions you might be using.


    +1 For Bootstrap functionality. If you added those filters I would be willing to attempt to make an open Boostrap plugin hosted on GitHub.

    I think the entire thing needs to be put on Github. We really need to then make it compatible w/ bootstrap and also have to ability to add classes to the panels/widgets as well.

    I don’t agree with this. The best would be to make a filter for the grid, where you could add your own classes. Personally I use Foundation, and not bootstrap, and would hate to have to load both grids.

    The Visual-composer pagebuilder has a filter like this, and it is really helpful.

    A feature I would love to see, is the possibility to select a second breakpoint to the columns. I would also love to have an option to add visibility-classes to the columns, so I could show/hide for different screens.

    +1 For Bootstrap functionality. Any news on that? Is somebody working on that?

    +1 For Bootstrap.

    However I do really like @veuse’s idea to allow a filter for the grid so that each could use their own.

    Any news on placing the source on an official GitHub project? I wouldn’t mind forking the code for a bootstrap specific version to play around with.

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