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    I have some problems with the translations on a website with default language other than English. I have a translated po file. On the back-end, the translation is OK, but on the front-end almost all the strings are not translated. The only translated strings are “Privacy Overview” and the long sentence beginning by “This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible…”. I did some settings change on the back-end and the only setting page I didn’t change is that one containing these 2 strings.

    Now, if I go on the “Cookie Banner Settings” page and I delete for example “Accept” and “Settings” from the button fields (the fields are empty), then I save, the default text will appear again in these fields (“Accept” and “Settings”) and, on the front-end, the translation of these 2 strings will work.

    If on the same back-end page I then do any setting change (like disabled the reject button), then save again, the translations of these 2 strings on the front-end will stop working again.

    So, it seems there is a bug about the way these strings are managed/saved. The translations are lost. Could you please have a look and update the plugin?


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