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    Hey Pixelbart,

    What’s up with the timzone setting in Helpful? And why is it even needed? When it’s enabled (even with the correct timezone set), it does not display the correct timezone in Settings > General, which is affecting a number of time-based plugins that I have installed.

    I couldn’t figure this out for a while. Eventually realized Helpful was overriding the time setting and I had to comment it out in the main plugin file to get my site back to normal.

    As you know, I totally love your plugin, but I’m trying to figure out exactly what the purpose is for this setting. As far as I can tell, Helpful has no time-based functionality whatsoever.

    Thanks in advance for your help with this.

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    helpfuls dashboard is working with timezone. if remove the default timezone, it is not working for me.

    if wp timezone is set, wp timezone works for helpful. if not, the settings inside helpful runs (helpful -> system)

    what did you remove?

    (sry for my bad english)

    Hey Pixelbart,

    Your English is good enough for me! =D

    I commented out line 42 in the helpful.php file. Now, the timezone that is set on line 27 is irrelevant. It is only using the default WordPress settings defined in Settings > General. Everything seems to be working fine for me!

    On another note, there’s something else I’ve noticed. If you deactivate and reactivate the plugin, you lose all of your previous settings, including custom text. It would be great if these could all be saved!

    Plugin Author Pixelbart


    Since there can still be problems with the WordPress timezone, i have not removed the line. Instead, the line is only used if you have set your own timezone in the helpful settings.

    I think that’s a good compromise. For me, the default WordPress timezone does not work. Unfortunately, I could not find a reason for that. It’s quite possible that my Premium WordPress theme sets a timezone somewhere.

    The second problem has actually been fixed for a long time. The settings will not be touched unless you delete them using the system settings (helpful).

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    Hey Pixelbart,

    In that case, you should make another modification to the plugin code because as it stands, it is quite annoying to have to comment out the line with every update. Version 2.4.17 does not fix this. You should modify the code as follows:

    // get timezone
    if( get_option('helpful_timezone') ) {
      $timezone = get_option('helpful_timezone');

    With this modification, now there is no need for lines for lines 31-39.

    If there is a Helpful timezone set, use it. If there is no Helpful timezone set, do nothing, and the WordPress timezone set in General > Settings will continue to function normally.

    Regarding the second issue (settings not being saved), this is definitely not working correctly; I urge you to re-investigate. If I deactivate the plugin and then reactivate it, the only text settings that are saved for me are:

    1. After voting (pro)
    2. After voting (contra)

    The post types all get reset to default and show credits is also re-enabled. All of the other check-boxes are saved correctly.

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    @qeyduey you are right. I don’t know why, but my editor was not saving my changes. It should be fixed with 2.4.18. Thx guy!

    Hey Pixelbart,

    That was a quick update!

    1. Timezone issue is now fixed. Thanks for that!
    2. This issue still persists. Settings are not saved on deactivate and reactivate.

    Plugin Author Pixelbart


    @qeyduey that is true. After activating and installing the plugin, a option was saved. So if you repeat the process, it should be work.

    The bug should be fixed for all new users.

    Hey Pixelbart,

    You are correct! Problem solved! =D

    Thank you for such a great plugin and awesome support to go along with it! =D

    Plugin Author Pixelbart


    Thank you very much for your help and your feedback! 😀

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