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    I’m liking this plugin so far. Just wondering if I’m using the option for time correctly. I put an example of 2 shortcodes with different time settings and they show the same countdown although they should be 3 hours apart.

    CSSable Countdown Text Display - [countdown date="03/015/2014" time="05:00:00" timezone="-5" format="DHMS" display="text"]  
    CSSable Countdown Text Display - [countdown date="03/015/2014" time="02:00:00" timezone="-5" format="DHMS" display="text"]  

    Hope you can help!

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  • I’m seeing similar behavior. Apparently, the time parameter is being ignored. (test site, will be removed in a few days)

    Also, it would be REALLY nice if you were to provide some samples of CSS that I could use to format the shortcode so that the time labels didn’t all run together like this:

    58 0 29 23

    I figured out how to get an acceptable display after studying your readme file. However, the timer still ignores the time setting.

    The shortcode I’m using is

    [countdown date=”05/05/2014″ time=”10:00:00″ display=”text”]

    I also tried

    [countdown date=”05/05/2014″ time=”10:00″ display=”text”]

    Both variations render the same result.

    Plugin Author dmonnier


    I’m looking into why the shortcode is not performing correctly.

    As for some CSS templates, that’s on my to-do list eventually.

    I’ll be back, hopefully with an answer.

    Thanks for the feedback. BTW, I tried 5 different countdown timers, and yours was the only one that worked at all from a shortcode. I’m assuming there may be a conflict somewhere in the Raindrops theme, but I’m surprised that would be so hard to make work.

    Plugin Author dmonnier


    You can always test it by temporarily switching to the Twenty Fourteen theme and seeing if the countdown works then. However, I’m seeing this behavior on my end as well, so I’m pretty sure the time is not getting set correctly in the code.

    Playing with timezones is fun 2 hours before DST starts >_<

    I’ll bet it’s something fairly simple. Don’t sweat it if you don’t get it fixed right away. It’s mostly functional, and I have other parts of the customer’s site to work on tomorrow.

    You might try getting some sleep…

    I originally tried the shortcode in a clean install of WP and the twenty fourteen theme and that’s when I discovered it didn’t work unfortunately. Thanks for looking into this!

    Plugin Author dmonnier


    chltx wins the prize, $instance['hours'] != $instance['hour'], which was why the hour parameter wasn’t getting set. Both of you, please download version 1.4 and it should work now. Thank you again for being patient with me (and for being guinea pig testers!) 🙂

    Awesome! Works perfect and is my favorite countdown plugin thus far for my purposes. And I’ve tested too many to count over the years, both free and paid. Thanks again!

    Works! I appreciate your prompt response!

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