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  • Hello
    PeepSo is now using PHP 7.2 can you please check for official support ?
    Also I am planning to use CM Glossary Pro and CM Answers Pro (BBPress like Q&A like plugin) can you check them for support ?
    Thank you

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  • Plugin Support LiteSpeed Lisa


    Hi, @unlambda

    Unfortunately, we can’t test Pro plugins for compatibility.

    And as far as PeepSo goes, that’s a complicated plugin and it would be difficult for us to test all of the parts of it that are most relevant to you.

    The best thing we can suggest is for you to test it yourself. We are going to work on a set of guidelines for this kind of thing in the future, but right now I can give you a few tips:

    1. Deactivate all plugins aside from LSCache and PeepSo
    2. Purge the cache
    3. TEST IT! This step varies, depending on how you use the plugin. Run through some common scenarios, and after each step, check to see if the pages are cached as you would expect.
    4. Write down any issues, and let us know about them – there might be a configuration we can recommend to solve them
    5. Once you are satisfied, reactivate all of the plugins.

    Hope this helps!

    Hi @lclarke
    I am interested only in object-caching for PeepSo logged-in users
    Unfortunatly I am not a developer I do not now how to test and compare object-caching
    I hope complicated plugins like PeepSo and BodyPress will be supported one day.

    What about wpForo (Free) ?
    As you have official support for bbPress

    Plugin Support LiteSpeed Lisa


    Hmmm, I’m not sure what to tell you about object caching. That’s not my area of expertise. Perhaps one of my colleagues can answer that question.

    As far as wpForo goes, I checked their page, and they already have a built-in caching system. I don’t know if wpForo is compatible with LSCache, but at the very least, you should be able to exclude wpForo pages from LSCache, and use wpForo’s built-in cache for that. If you need instructions for that, let me know.

    We’d love to be able to test every plugin’s compatibility, but it is not always feasible, particularly when we are spread thin with support questions. If we get a moment to take a look at wpForo this week, we will let you know!

    Plugin Author Hai@LiteSpeed⚡


    I would suggest to ask those plugin developers about the support instead of us. You know cache plugin is more of system level, while those app are more like utility level. For better performance, that is more like what they can improve if has compatibility issue.

    Hey guys,

    @hailite if you guys are interested in creating some dedicated solution for PeepSo and its plugins and need access to all of our suite, just let us know via contact form: and we’ll hook you up with all of it.

    Plugin Author Hai@LiteSpeed⚡


    Hi @peepso,

    To add cache support to your plugin, please follow to enable cache functionalities. If you meet any issue or need more API, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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