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  • This plugin sucks, it doesn’t work on my theme (custom fields don’t show up at all on the posts/pages), no good tutorials and well-explained documentation, no good support…

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  • mgratch


    If you are still looking for a solution, there is good news this plugin will likely work for you.

    Most themes won’t display custom fields by default except for those that are created by that theme or plugins meant to be included with that theme.

    Therefor you will likely come up with this issue elsewhere.

    If you created custom fields using pods for a post (post-type) you can click the pods shortcut button above the post editor and click “display a field from this item” and simply enter the name of the custom field into the text box and click insert.

    This will then display custom field data in your content. There are other methods but I think I have outlined the most basic form.

    I hope if you give pods a try again in the future you have better success. There is also a forum for help on the pods website that is dedicated to support.

    Plugin Author Scott Kingsley Clark


    Didn’t see this review until now, was curious as to why there’s no good support or well explained documentation / tutorials. I believe we have all of those, but perhaps there’s something you need specifically explained from a different point of view?

    Themes don’t show custom fields by default, the standard is to use custom templating in your theme to output them with get_post_meta and other functions. We have things built like Pods Frontier Auto Template that make this very easy to do with less work for those who would prefer to not modify their theme directly.

    I’d appreciate a way to earn back some stars, I don’t think we deserve the lowest 1 star rating in this case. How can we help you better?

    Hi Scott,
    I’m not the OP on this one, but I do have something that might help, if you’ll hear me out.

    I love Pods, and was very excited to get started with it, from version 2 onwards. The problem that I have found is that there are not enough “simple” tutorials available that support the concept of ‘no coding required’.

    So the support might just be about going ‘back to basics’, and updating the tutorials to make them relevant for a non-developer. (I span the category of being willing to play around with code, break things etc., and not always, or all the time!)

    For example, I am struggling to figure out how to be able to edit the pod contents once it’s created. I was able to do that on the first day or two, and suddenly I can’t. I’ve changed enough parameters in the pods UI that I can’t remember what I started with, or how to get back there!

    HTH … and yes, I’m still willing to stick with finding out how to make it work… for me.. it’s a 4 star plugin!


    Plugin Author Scott Kingsley Clark


    I can totally understand that, we’re currently organizing some new stuff including a cleaned up docs and code library. I’ll be sure to have us do a full review from basics to advanced and see what holes we’ve got.

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