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  • Is there any website that not only has a list of themes for wordpress but thumbnail images for each so that you don’t spend hours scrolling through themes?

    If not, are there any plans to create one? If everyone while we were looking at themes just created a thumbnail of them as we went along and collected them in a central place, it would be done with pretty quick.

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  • There was some discussion on the wp-docs maillist regarding this. I believe someone has put together .pngs , it’s just a matter of time and where they will be inserted.

    joelwalsh, you offering to set one up? :)

    Blogging Pro tried this with their theme gallery, but that appears to be down (the image portion of the gallery portion); and Shadow was attempting to set up theme reviews with screenshots at the defunct WordPress Resource Centre. It turned out to be too much involved in getting things going, considering.

    So here’s an opportunity for someone with time and lots of bandwidth on their hands. Some of the hard work has already been taken care of:

    Just a small update as to what is happening in regards to the Theme Viewer, screenshots, downloads of the themes and so on.

    We are currently looking into a major overhaul of the whole package and trying to make it much more functional. When it was first set up there were not as many themes as there are now. It needs a revamp, but like most things, it is being done on a voluntary basis by some very busy people and will be finished when it is. Thanks for your patience.

    For now, you may be interested in using the backend of the thumbnail directory.

    At least you can work your way through screenshots in some form. Owen [Ringmaster] kindly provided us with all the thumbs and we have a lot of plans in the making in regards as to how they will be utilized.

    If people would like the zip file of the thumbs [nearly 8mb] let me know and I will place it in the directory as well.

    @kaf – email is on its way to you about all of this 🙂

    See what happens when you sit on your hands? The opportunities start drying up… ;)


    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I think Kaf meant that if people want to help, they need to move quicker than you Shadow 🙂

    Thumbs up to podz!

    That’s great! That’s pretty much what I was looking for. I’ll just batch download the whole lot and flip through them with local pic viewer software.

    Some information that would be useful for this is the rights/licensing on the themes and the images they contain. Are they all the same OS license as WP? If there are different licenses, that would be important to have attached to the thumbnail some how.

    Finally found a page that already has a thubmnail gallery:

    Zip file of thumbs now added at

    Currently we are also in the process of collecting all the download files for each theme on display. This is a huge job which is made much more difficult by the fact that many of the site’s origins have now moved. Additionally, actually trying to find the download files from some of designer’s sites is also proving to be very difficult.

    Therefore, if anyone has a copy of a theme/themes which is still in it’s original state, please email any or all to shadow12 at gmail

    The sooner we have all the necessary files in place, the sooner we will be able to have the improvements completed.

    Thanks for your help 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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