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    I’m having a few issues with Customizr and am not sure if there is an issue with the theme download? My customers website is

    • The logo & Favicon are uploaded into my Media library but are not showing on the site
    • I am using a child theme (using the Child themify plugin recommended)but the site is not recognising any of my css or function.php changes
    • Using the function.php in my child theme I have tried to remove the entry title icons which is not being recognised
    • The bottom page credits have been changed using the child-theme but again the site is not picking it up
    • Finally my front page slider is simply not working despite having 4 or 5 sliders loaded?

    Any help would be appreciated as I think I have followed all the tips and instructions and my client loves the look.

    Final question do you know of any incompatibility with Next-gen gallery & Next-gen gallery Pro?


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  • Personally, I don’t see the need to use Child Themify plugin. I’d start again and use this.

    Hopefully that will remove all/some of your symptoms.

    There were problems with NextGen but there was a fix in 3.1.6

    I see you solved your problem. However, I noticed another error you might want to get fixed: the nggimagerotation plugin has a jQuery script error and I’m pretty sure things are not working right with your current rotation.
    You need to replace line 19 of wp-content/plugins/nggimagerotation/view.js from:




    If it’s a plugin you got from WP repository, you should let authors know about this. If you made it, well, just update your view.js and it will work.


    Thanks guys @rdellconsulting I have removed the Child themify plugin and copied everything over to the child theme files but it still doesn’t seem to be picking up the code changes made in the class-footer-footer_main.php, functions.php or the style.css? These have been changed & copied into the child theme folder.
    So the

    • The logo & Favicon are not still showing on the site despite being in the media library
    • The code to remove the entry title icons is not being recognised (but the changes have been made in the function.php in the child theme
    • The bottom page credits have been changed using the class-footer-footer_main.php in the child-theme but again the site is not picking it up

    @acub thanks for the javascript code I’ll let the authors know about that, however even after fixing my front page slider (which should be part of the customizr theme not the ngg image rotaton) is simply not working despite having 5 sliders loaded and all linked to the front page??

    I know it’ll be something simple (it usually is) but I’m at a loss as how to fix these issues.

    I appreciate the feedback.

    Oh also the ngg slideshows keep showing the following error “Slideshows require the Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support” so I currently have everything in imagebrowser – not ideal but a work around. I have posted this error to the ngg authors but am still waiting on a reply – just in case you guys had found anything similar with the customizr theme?
    Thanks again!

    You need to take a stepped approach to diagnosing this. Make sure you have a copy of all you’ve done as I’d suggest you go back to the beginning and prove that your CT has been setup properly. There is no evidence of it being picked up at all.

    Step 1: The first step is to disable all your plugins, test and if OK, reactivate one-by-one to find the culprit.

    Leap, it’s pretty clear you messed up somewhere. So let’s start fresh.

    1. Disable and delete your child theme and activate Customizr (or any other theme). Make sure that Customizr is updated to last version.
    2. Create a new folder in your local copy of the site, under wp-content/themes/ and name it inStyle
    3. Using a simple editor (notepad) create a new file and put this in it:

     Theme Name:	inStyle Boutique
     Theme URI:
     Description:	Theme for inStyle Boutique
     Author:	Leapmkt
     Author URI:
     Template:	customizr
     Version:	1.0.0

    4. Save this file in the inStyle folder as style.css (make sure encoding is set to UTF-8).
    5. In the same folder, create another file, also UTF-8 with the name functions.php and put this in it, making sure there’s no empty space or empty line before the first character:


    All the php snippets you’ll use for your website will go in this file, starting from line 2 (or 3). Line 1 needs to remain untouched.
    5. Upload all the inStyle folder to your server (same path: wp-content/themes/)
    6. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes and activate your inStyle Boutique theme
    7. Go to Dashboard > Appearance Menus > Manage Locations tab, select your menu and click “Use new menu”.

    You now have a working child theme, properly installed. Any css code you add to style.css will apply to your webpages and any php code you add in functions.php will also work.

    HI Guys, just a quick update it was an SEO Plug-in causing all the hassle:
    SEO WordPress
    SEO WordPress Plugin by Mervin Praison is a Powerfull Best Optimisation Plugin which has many SEO Features. Google Authorship and Google Analytics Integration. Very Easy to Setup. Check all benefits here
    Version 3.0.2 | By Mervin Praison | Visit plugin site

    I am letting the developed of the plug-in know as well.

    Thanks for your help!!

    Also just a heads up:

    Also CKEditor is the plugin that affects the access / view the select a display type information.

    Just if anyone else has these issues!

    Thanks for all your help.

    Just closing off on this now

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