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    Hello and thank you for this plugin. Its working straight out of the box.

    Only issue i’m having is that its messing with my wrappers. When I activate Taskbreaker all my sidebars (entire site) slide down.

    You’re welcome to have a look at our site : (https) ohso.red/projects
    My theme : valenti.cubellthemes.com

    I love this plugin and really hope you can help me fix this.
    Thank you.

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  • Plugin Author Joseph G.


    There is a clearfix class in your article which is not added by the plugin that is causing your sidebars to drop below the content area. Try removing those 🙂


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    Im afraid that doesn’t help. Can you be more specific?
    I tested all plugins and this only happens when TaskBreaker is on.

    I can’t exactly change a whole theme for this one plugin.
    Can you recommend something else?

    Plugin Author Joseph G.


    If you open your chrome inspector or firefox firebug. You’ll see that there is a clearfix class in your article tag and in your sidebar tag. Please check.

    That class is rendered by your theme or some content builders which I’m not sure of. Check your theme files.

    Try switching to default WordPress theme to see if the issue exists.

    Quick Fix:

    Try the CSS below:

    .cb-sidebar.clearfix, .cb-main.clearfix {
        clear: none;

    Contact your theme provider as why do they add clearfix class in main container. Kindly tell them not to use class if they’re not clearing any floats as it is used by most plugins.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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