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  • I have been trying to use various themes (about six), all of which I found on this site and received decent reviews. However, I can’t get any of them to work correctly on my site! I have double checked which version of WordPress they were made for an all of them should work with a simple upload to content/themes, but no such luck! The only one I got to work so far is ComicPress (I tried that because I’d used it successfully before), but no normal themes work.

    Examples of my issues:

    – No recognition of sidebars, everything jumbled in and mixed together into one column
    – Title shows up incorrectly
    – Backgrounds are incorrect (example: solid color instead of pattern)
    – Pretty much looks like a simple one-column document with links and varied colors/sizes in text

    Has anyone else run into this problem? Anyone have a suggested solution? Thanks!

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    Some themes require plugins to be installed and activated first, some themes require you to add categories first, etc. Check if the themes you downloaded have a readme file and follow instructions. You could also try re-uploading the theme files, you might have been able to upload style.css or some other required files.
    Good luck.

    I appreciate the response.

    To simplify things I’ve primarily been trying to use a theme I designed using the WordPress Theme Generator ( which, I would think, would be a pretty basic way to start attempting to install one. Even those ones don’t work. I double-checked the ones I uploaded and can’t find anything about plugins or special instructions for those, either – I was careful to choose seemingly simple ones. I’m still at a loss.

    Any other ideas?




    are you actually uploading these themes correctly?

    Review my tutorials and make sure:



    Sorry it took me so long to respond –

    I looked at your tutorials and I double-checked everything, but they’re all correct. (Very good step-throughs, by the way!)

    Any other ideas?



    dumb question.

    your default theme works, right?



    Yes, it works fine. I can also get ComicPress to work, which is what I’m using now. But I can’t get any other theme to work.

    there are also certain “minimum specs” that hosting services need. the version of php, phpmyadmin, mod rewrite, etc. is your “host” up to speed in this area?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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