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  • the logos go out of the screen and then go back.
    also, the developer is all about making you buy the pro version…

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  • Do you think its fair to rate a plugin 2 out of 5 only because it hasn’t the feature you need? You could have contacted us requesting to add the infinite scroll feature. Free version has 3000+ active users which means its useful to many. Free Users have the opportunity to support and encourage us buying Pro version at a cheapest price and enjoy more features. Is it another reason why you rate it low? Its really very discoursing and disheartening.

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    as i see it, you created an un complete plugin to make people buy the pro version. Everywhere on the plugin you try to promote the pro plugin… this is not the open code spirit.

    and yes. your plugin has a lot of seriously major problems who make it a 2 star to my opinion. if you wish i can make it 3, if you will feel better.

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    @roycegracie Have you considered posting a support topic before rating this or other plugins?

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    this is not a support issue. he built this pluigin like this as a way to make people buy the pro version…

    I think this is not good to rate a free plugin very bad because it discourage the developer to develop free plugin. Human should be more grateful that they can use a plugin for free . and it takes so much time to build a plugin. and promoting to buy pro version is not bad because this is what they earn their living from. We should really think about this.

    The best way to complain about free plugin is to contact support and tell them about the problem or features to improve but giving poor star rate is very humiliating and ungratefulness I think as a user.

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    i have built 6 free plugins so far… and i am using wordpress since 6 years ago. when a plugin is a 5 star plugin i give it 5 star. when it’s 2 star plugin, i give it 2 stars.

    this is, for it’s free version, a 2 star plugin to my opinion.



    @roycegracie Would you please suggest us how could we make this free one a complete plugin as you said its an incomplete one? We would seriously consider your suggestion for next update. 🙂

    I’d say reduce the “PRO VERSION” shoving in people’s face wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I don’t mind buying Pro Version of plugins; I just don’t like that whenever I tick an option in the settings and it suddenly grays out and say “NOPE! You need to BUY PRO VERSION for this feature 🙂 🙂 :)”

    Also, the “Generate Shortcode” tab is just a click-bait with a copy paste of the Pro Version features, which isn’t nice at all, the only way to find the actual shortcode is to go in the settings in the “Support” tab, where is the logic in that? Lol… This is just overkill.

    Wanna make people buy your plugin? Don’t try to force-feed it to them, make them WANT to buy it, with detailed-simple explanation on the benefits of i t, not just a blunt list of features that most probably don’t know if it’d be ACTUALLY useful or worth buying, explain the benefits for example for SEO and responsiveness, just throwing ideas.

    I was personally a bit disappointed by the free version, even if I was able to do everything without buying the pro through CSS tweaks, will probably buy it for future websites for clients.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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