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  • I used ebaysync for a number of years without fault, it worked well and was easy. Now, after switching to ebaylink, I am seriously questioning whether to bother with ebay. Ebay link is horribly difficult to use and setup. My seller rating has bottomed out as a result. Support is responsive and I have no complaints there, however, I fail to understand why ebay has shifted to this user-unfriendly option.
    I used to have a soft fluffy kitty who loved me as mush as I loved her. My kitty got hit by a car and died.
    I always wanted a siamese – complex, elegant, sophisticated. So, I got a siamese. It was moody and aggressive. I could never truly understand what it wanted and spent far too much time trying to love the surly beast. It wasnt her fault, she was just programmed that way.
    Ebaylink is a siamese cat.

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  • Hi
    I’m in the same predicament. Used eBay Sync since it’s inception and now looking for a replacement.
    Can you tell me if your concerns were addressed and resolved please ?

    I feel the same way. The ebay sync plugin was fantastic, super easy to use, made sense and just worked well. I’ve found this plugin clumsy and not nearly as polished.

    I’ve decided not to use this plugin and am also assessing whether to stop selling on eBay as it will become too much of a hassle.

    This is the most hilarious (in a good way) review I have ever read. I was reading it wondering with the heck your cat has to do with a plugin … and there is was, the perfect review. I am now however a little apprehensive about joining eBaby and using this plugin.

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    I persevered for a time, but the decision was taken out of my hands. A few weeks ago I recieved an email to say that this plugin would start charging me use. With ebay fees, paypal fees plus fees to use this, there is zero point in selling via ebay.
    Even a siamese cat knows that you gotta show a little love sometimes if you want someone to fill your keep filling your bikkie bowl. I’ve given up on cats now. Ultimately, my decision to close my ebay store came about because of this plugin.

    I never figured out how to use this plugin properly, and as a small business owner who is stressed and busy, I really have to take the attitude of “if you don’t make things easier for me, you don’t get my bikkies”.

    Note to ebaylink: If you are going to charge for this, I’d think seriously about assigning each and every user an account manager who completely sets it up, trouble shoots and provides some training.

    **waves banner*** Bring back the simple things, bring back fluffy cats, bring back ebay sync!

    Wow thank you for this information. I was contacted by an account manager who said they would set up all the settings, troubleshoot and provide training. Will question her on all that today. Thanks again! (PS. Grew up with siamese cats they are interesting, also had a ginger for 10+ years, I’ve given up on cats too. They make me sneeze and are too high maintenance for my do what I want when I want lifestyle. I also expect my plugins to do what I want, when I want! LOL

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    Interesting! That means they have improved their service and that makes my heart happy! However, it makes me wonder why they are only reaching out to new customers and ignoring the ones who signed on from the beginning.
    @peaksmedia you get the fluffy kitty! Winning! (except the list of fees that seems to keep growing. However, with effective account management, it could still be be profitable.)

    Note to Ebay Link – you guys? If you are reading your client stats, surely you can see decreases/increases in sales occuring through your plugin on client sites. In my case, no one has reached out, no one has offered assistance and no one has even come forward to introduce themselves as my account manager. All I got was an email telling me that you will charge me for your lack of interaction and hard-to-use plugin. I think you guys can do better than that.

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