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  • I did a search… no data.

    Question is this: How do I use this plugin? Is there something I add directly to the post, or perhaps to the index? Both? Neither?

    Any and all help is appreciated!

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  • I have the same question! And also searched through technorati and wordpress.


    Please help.

    Looks to me like you’d just use it when writing your posts. I’m not using it, but as best I can tell, you’d just drop the file in your wp-content/plugins directory and activate it in the Options screen. Then, anything you put inside a <tag> block will automagically be converted into a Technorati link, and you can add tags to the bottom of your post as well by adding a “ttag” custom field when you write the message.

    Anyway, that’s the sense I get from reading Gudlyf’s blog post about it. If it doesn’t work that way, you may want to head over to that post and ask the author.

    – iJames

    Oh, another minor point: the Technotags plugin is only useful if you want to link back to Technorati’s tag pages, and do it frequently. If all you want to do is have your site show up in a Technorati tag listing, that’s automatic: just use good category names, and Technorati will file your post under that tag every time you ping it. You can force a tag, too, by including a specially notated hyperlink:

    If you’re only ever going to do it once or twice, that may be more efficient than installing a plugin.

    (You probably already knew this, but it took me a second to figure out what Technotags was for myself, so I thought I’d share.)

    – iJames

    Thanks to the “I”man!

    To use this plugin, within your post you can surround text with <tag> </tag> to create the Technorati-enabled tagged link. You can ALSO add custom fields at the bottom of your post using a “ttag” custom field. If you don’t know what I mean, give me a should on the blog page here.

    ok oh my gosh. this pluggin has a TON of minor installation problems that messes up wordpress newbies like me.
    took forever to figrue out how to do it.

    ok here’s the thing.
    go here http://dev.wp-plugins.org/wiki/TechnoTag and click on Alternate download: http://www.gudlyf.com/media/technotag.tar.gz

    if you try to do it through the link “Download the latest TechnoTag archive (i.e., all files listed there).” you will mess yourself up unless you click into the files. don’t save target as the first thing you see. its complicated to explain, just click on the 1st link listed above to spare yourself the trouble

    after installing the plugin the normal way and putting the 2 image files in the same folder as the plugins, when writing a post, put the word you want to make a tag as <ttag></ttag>
    i do not know why the aurthor lists it as <tag> </tag> but it doesn’t work like that. this took forever for me to discover.
    based on this i think the correct way to make a word a tag other than the word in between would be <ttag word="tag word"> </ttag>

    to make your post have a list of tags at the end of each post, at the custom fields section add
    key name ttag with a value being the tag name you want to add.

    if you put the key name as ttaglist, you can put a large number of tags in the values, without even bothering about commas.

    for example a ttaglist with a value of “wordpress tags whatever” will make your post end with the list of tags wordpress, tags, whatever.

    but a ttag key witha value of “wordpess tags whatever” will make your post end with wordpess tags whatever as 1 multiword tag.

    i think a nice feature would be if the pluggin automatically took out the tag words from you post and listed them at the end without you having to make your own list at the end of every post.

    also putting the ttag in the quicktags section would be very convient.

    anyway. honestly its a great plugin but the installation and usage could be better.

    Oop..sorry about the <tag> typo. My bad.


    Thanks for such a well-thought out explanation! I’ve been trying to figure out this technorati tag thing myself (not the plug-in, just this whole business of the tags), but each time I got into it my eyes crossed and I went running home. 🙂

    Now that I’m armed with your description, I’ll give it another try. Cheers!

    This has been bugging me too. I’ve seen Technorati tags in blogs & on T’s site & thought it was a cool idea. But I tried to understand how this works by reading Technorati’s own explanation & it just didn’t click for me (& yes my eye’s crossed too).

    So let me make sure I understand. If I want to create a Technorati tag for the term “Israel” then I’d do the following:
    <ttag>Israel</ttag> and this would automatically associate my post w. any others listing the same tags on the Technorati site? Does Technorati have a specific list of tags to use or can you essentially do what you do in this forum by creating your own?

    And how would you tell whether it’s working–by going to the T site & looking under that tag & seeing if your post is listed?

    And as for this from Ronny above:

    if you put the key name as ttaglist, you can put a large number of tags in the values, without even bothering about commas.

    for example a ttaglist with a value of “wordpress tags whatever” will make your post end with the list of tags wordpress, tags, whatever.

    I’m assuming this means that after creating the ttaglist key name you would then enter your multiple tags in the value field without quotation marks around them?

    BTW, I just tried to create the tags using Ronny’s directions & it worked like a charm. So thanks for that.

    Another ? about Technorati & forum tags: what if you want to create a tag for the term “Middle East.” Can you do that? Obviously, listing the two words separately won’t do it since Tech. tags are only a single word.

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