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    Hello and thank you for your support

    when a customer adds a product to shopping cart, then we he clicks on “procces to checkout” the site returnes him back again to the main products page

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi @mpotros,

    This kind of problem is usually caused by a conflict with your theme or with another plugin. The best way to determine this is to:

    • Temporarily switch your theme to Storefront
    • Disable all plugins except for WooCommerce
    • Repeat the action that is causing the problem

    If you’re not seeing the same behavior after completing the conflict test, then you know the problem was with the plugins and/or theme you deactivated.

    Reactivate the theme first and check again. Then, go on and reactivate your other plugins one by one, testing after each, until you find the one causing conflict.

    You can find a more detailed explanation on how to do a conflict test here: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/how-to-test-for-conflicts/.

    When you find the conflicting theme or plugin, please reach out to the authors for further assistance.


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    Hi there,

    We haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m going to mark this as resolved – we’ll be here if and/or when you are ready to continue.

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    @rainfallnixfig i am using storefront theme already, i have aplied the steps mentioned above, deactivaed all plguins except woocommerce, but the technical error still exists.
    when click on proceed to check botton, the sites return back to the main shopping page instead of continue for the payment!

    Hi @mpotros

    Could you go to WooCommerce > Settings > advanced, and make sure that the checkout page is set up correctly?


    If the issue persists, please share a copy of your site’s System Status so we can take a further look. You can find it via WooCommerce > Status. Select “Get system report” and then “Copy for support”.  Once you’ve done that, paste it here in your response.

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    @maykota thank you, I checked the advanced sitting and I see that the checkout page field is empty (it was always like that, and the site worked normally) is there something I should write in?

    Hi @mpotros,

    I checked the advanced sitting and I see that the checkout page field is empty (it was always like that, and the site worked normally) is there something I should write in?

    The Checkout page by default usually has just the shortcode [woocommerce_checkout] in it – if it is completely blank (and not built by Divi or Elementor) then that could be the issue.

    I would do this:

    – Go to Pages > All Pages, and look for the ones that have the item:

    – Checkout Page

    Next to them – this designates the ‘checkout page’ of WooCommerce (One will have – Shop Page, another – Cart, etc.) These are the core pages of WooCommerce.

    If you see it, remove it by putting the page in the Trash. If one is not present, then that is the issue; there is no checkout page!

    In this event, go to WooCommerce > Status > Tools. There is a tool/button that says ‘Create Default WooCommerce Pages’. Click this – it will only create those that are missing, such as the Checkout page.

    Go back to Pages > All Pages and verify the WooCommerce Checkout page is there, and it has the shortcode listed above in it. If that is the case, then do a test checkout and see if it goes to that page. If not let us know!

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    @maykato @nixiack8 thanks a lot that was the issue, now works correctly.

    Best Regards,


    Hi @mpotros

    Good to know that it is now resolved! Please feel free to open a new thread if you have more questions.

    Have a nice day!

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