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  • Ok,

    So I am using the theme (great by the way!) and I am coming up with a few issues that I am unable to resolve on my own.

    I made another blog post here: – to explain my first question. Did not receive an answer that fixed the problem but have been experimenting.

    The thing I have problems with now is trying to include a taxonomy.php so that I can sort my [display-posts] alphabetically while also using the WP-showhide plugin.

    I added a taxonomy.php file = broke website
    added functions to the functions.php = broke website
    Was thinking of doing the child theme, but if I don’t at first know where and how I am to include the sorting, I am not sure if that would help.

    The website is ; and the specific page in question is >> that is the page that I would like an ‘#, A-Z’ menu at the top and use display posts once a user clicks on the corresponding letter.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • You certainly do not need a taxonomy.php to order your posts.

    Taxonomies are custom category systems that one might want to implement to develop custom ways of associating and querying his posts. They are usually associated with different (custom) post types, as the two main taxonomies that are needed for posts are already built in: categories and tags.

    I see you are using your website to list book reviews. Firstly, please let me know what you want and I’ll advise. Also, I need to know if your reviews are inserted as a custom post type or as posts.

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