• I’ve created a Links page which you can view here. I used a table but as you can see the cells change size depending on how much text is in each one of them.

    I’ld rather use CSS to manage this. Does anyone have a link to a tutorial that could tell me how?


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  • You can learn more about CSS and its interaction with WordPress at http://codex.wordpress.org/CSS .

    I also have a huge series of articles on this very subject, converting table-based designs into CSS, on my site, and there are a ton of links to help you learn more from there.

    Visit it soon because I am switching everything over to WordPress and permalinks, and I haven’t decided on how to save all the old links yet….so much work, so little people to do all the work for me…hee hee.

    Any way to copy an Excel table into WP and make it stick?
    Or do you have to learn CSS, etc. to do something this basic?

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