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[tablepress] Sorting & URLs

  • Hi,
    Thanks for developping this plugin, looks promising.
    I have spent a few hours evaluating and am still stumbling on two basic issues.

    1) sorting by column header does not work. The up and down arrows don’t show up. Does the DataTables JS library need to be installed separately ?

    2) I have been trying to import/migrate an existing table which contains URLs using the HTML method. I systematically get a “Error: The data for the import is invalid.” I read about the extension allowing to convert text to URLs, but what I am looking for is to convert hyperlinks to hyperlinks and spare me a manual copy-paste for several hundred lines.

    3) TablePress adds automatically an edit link at the bottom of the page, but I can’t find where the option to remove that feature is.

    The sandbox instance is here:

    Thanks you !

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  • Hi,

    thanks for your post. Nice to hear that you use TablePress!

    1.) This is because something in your site (either another plugin, or your theme) is trying to load the jQuery JavaScript library from the Google CDN. However, there’s a mistake in that code, so that jQuery is not loaded at all. And that again breaks the DataTables JS library (which is included in TablePress, so nothing to install separately).
    You will need to find out which plugin (or your theme) causes jQuery to be loaded from the Google CDN, for example by deactivating other plugins one by one, and checking if the sorting suddenly works.

    2.) This is hard to answer without knowing the source of the HTML. Indeed, the HTML import is required a syntactically correct HTML file. Where are you getting the HTML file from? Can you maybe use CSV instead?

    3.) Yes, TablePress adds such a link, but only for users who are allowed to edit the table in the WordPress admin area. Regular visitors of your site will not see the link. If you still want to remove it (which I think is not necessary!), just install and activate https://github.com/downloads/TobiasBg/TablePress-Extensions/tablepress-remove-edit-link.zip as a regular WordPress plugin.


    I have the same problem as Zeshark’s item one above. Deactivated each plug-in one by one as you suggested with no change. Any other options. I really like your plug-in.

    Below is the link to my table. You’ll also notice that the Search Box does not show as well!!!!!

    Also, I’ m using a Studio Press child theme called Fluid.

    Thanks for anything you can do.


    PROBLEM FIXED. After reading another one of your posts I noticed I had 7 plugins that needed updating. I did that and boom, the sorting and search both showed up and work.

    Great job on the plugin by the way!!!



    very nice! Great to hear that updating those plugins fixed the issue! 🙂

    Best wishes,

    P.S.: In case you haven’t, please rate TablePress here in the plugin directory. Thanks!

    I’m having the same issue. I’ve just installed TablePress and created a table for the sorting isn’t showing. I have tried deactivating all other plugins but it hasn’t helped. Any other suggestions?


    thanks for your post, and sorry for the trouble.

    Please also try switching to the WordPress default theme Twenty Twelve, to see if it is a theme issue.
    Also, if you post a link to the page with the table, I’ll gladly take a look.


    Thanks, it does work when I switch to Twenty Twelve. The site is hidden as it’s still in development so I can’t share at the moment unfortunately. It’s a bespoke theme built on blankslate – is there something you are aware of that’s likely to be causing the issue?


    thanks for testing! This means that that theme is then breaking the JavaScript on the page. I don’t know why though, sorry. I’m just not familiar with all themes…

    To find out more, you could check the JavaScript error console in the browser. That should point you to some error messages that could help.


    I have the same problem, my tab does not sort properly and see no search function. I am sorry to say so I thank you in advance for it. We are producing an indie film festival and being able to sort tables is important. http://www.fecilbba.com.ar/festival/seleccion. Greetings from Argentina


    thanks for your post, and sorry for the trouble.

    In your case, the problem is caused by another plugin: “Sponsors Carousel”.
    That plugin is loading a very old and outdated version of the jQuery JavaScript library, and that breaks the remaining JavaScript on the page, so that the sorting functions for example are not loaded by the browser.
    You will either need to fix the Sponsors Carousel plugin (or ask the developer to do it), or deactivate it.


    I am using TablePress and the mythemeshop Splash theme. I cannot sort or search the table. Actually, the options for sorting and searching are no longer present in the table setup page.

    Here’s a link to one of my table pages: http://teatreeoilhq.com/selection-guides/essential-oil-selection-guide/

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. As you can tell, this table would greatly benefit from sorting and/or searching.




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    @cswinford – please start your own thread on the TablePres sub-forum here:


    This thread is not in the correct place and it’s long outdated.

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