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  • Plugin Author Richard Halverson


    I will add a short code attribute for more table formatting flexibility.

    Forms have multiple rows by using more than one short code to make up the form.

    As you know, if you are using only 1 short code to produce the entire form, the form attribute is form=”1,??” where ?? is insert, update or search.

    When using more than one short code, make the FIRST form attribute form=”2,??” and make the LAST form attribute be form=”3,??” (where ?? is insert, update or search).

    In between the first and last short code you can have as many more short codes as you need with the form attribute just form=”??” with no numeric designation.

    Once coded, it is informative to view the HTML source and see the actual form tags and hidden tags that ABASE produces to make sure it all works properly.

    Plugin Author Richard Halverson


    I have added a notable=”1″ attribute that will not output the beginning and ending TABLE tag for the short code. With notable=”1″ you need to add the beginning and ending TABLE tags manually which means you can define a new table class that specifies column colors as you like.

    You will need to install ABASE upgrade 2.1.3 or higher for the notable=”1″ attribute to work.

    With the upgrade you can specify a class using STYLE tags. Then specify the class name in the TABLE tag. The ABASE short code will only produce the TR rows when notable=”1″, not the enclosing TABLE tags. With both notable=”1″ and notitle=”1″ you the user must also specify the title row manually.

    See for examples on defining a class withing STYLE tags and see how to set column colors by defining a class. View the source of this page to see exactly how the class is defined within a STYLE tag.

    It works to specify a new table class within style tags immediately above the ABASE short code. Make sure you are in TEXT mode instead of VISUAL mode when updating the page.

    thanks for answering. It was very helpful.
    Now i have trouble with form. How can i add select list to form that inserts data to database? I understand that I can show link in the table with rink, but how can I use it to show 2 or 3 links in one row?

    Plugin Author Richard Halverson


    kairit a select listed is added now when your table column is a foreign key into another table. A drop-down menu will appear for that column in insert and update forms with the first column after the index as the select options. I will add an example in the FAQ section. If you would like more help with this now, post back here or as a new issue that needs to be resolved.

    There is an alink attribute which can be used in a way similar to how rlink is used. What other types of links would you like to be able to specify for a column? I can think of a couple but post back what you had in mind and I can see if I can add it. I will add an example in the FAQ section on the alink attribute also.


    how can i add a drop down in a form using abase? what is the shortcode for that. please help me with an example shortcode…

    Thanks in advance

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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