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  • Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/anything/public_html/manifestdestinynow/wp/wp-config.php on line 4

    I have uninstalled and I am trying to install again. This is the error please help. I have been at this all day…

    Also, can someone explain to me how I could get this to be just without all the extra addons. Thanks for the help.

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  • 1. It is NOT syntax error #4.
    You made an error in line number 4 of the wp-config file when editing. Line #4 is this:
    define('DB_USER', 'usernamehere'); // Your MySQL username

    2. There is no such domain as you posted above.
    In your other post you have a completely different domain:

    Those are file paths from your servers point of views which can be wildly different from what a brower uses. You can’t change it.

    I’d guess you left out a quote mark in you wp-config.php. Probably on line 3 but that’s only a guess. Or you added an hidden character or space before the <php. in line 1.

    If so, you can reload that all day and nothing will change until you fix it.

    moshu – i know that but I installed wp onto that subdirectory (

    What I want to know is how can I remove the anythingamancando part. So instead of it will just be

    I hope that clears things up and you are able to help me.

    thanks a bunch.

    OK, I’ll repeat again: there doesn’t seem to be a domain
    Did you register (buy) that domain?

    There is only – that’s a working domain. Is that yours?

    I don’t really understand what you want with a non-existent domain… but that’s the lesser problem. You don’t seem to understand either.

    Moshu types faster than me. ;^)

    Something isn’t right. A disturbance in the force. Neither site resolves. Who wants to bet he’ll be back with another site and another problem and another user name? I could be wrong.

    no i won’t. and i am a female trying to do it for her self. and only with this one site. If I learn how to do it, then I won’t bother folks. I thought this was the place to ask for help.

    Please help me. I am truly in need of help. I have been at this all day. Thanks in advance.

    We are back on square one:
    WP installed without theme/stylsheet.

    This is the place for asking help… and is also the place to answer questions when you are asked. Till now you didn’t.

    Please, re-read ALL my posts and questions above and answer to them.

    Can you tell me where I can find the theme/stylesheet?

    Im very new at this. I hear your frustration. Please don’t be mad a me. I am really confused.

    Also, when I put in my username and password I get this

    “internet explorer can’t access webpage.”

    I did say I could be wrong. Don’t play the gender card, everyone is equal until they claim they aren’t. K?

    You have DNS and hosting problems which only your host and you can figure out.

    Forget the stylesheet!
    Just answer if you want help, OK?

    1. There is no domain
    Did you register (buy) that domain?
    Yes? No?

    2. There is only – that’s a working domain. Is that yours?
    Yes? No?

    Login to your admin panel > Options > General and correct the two URI values: they can NOT be fantasy domains, only the real location of the WP install. Do you get it???

    Thanks ccoupe. You are really helping me out here….

    I’ll bet your options setting don’t match the DNS. You can’t change website addresses just by change the WordPress option settings.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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