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  • Plugin Author Vincent Listrani


    Hello @almend
    I can assure you that absolutely 0 code exists within this plugin that is malicious. If you are aware of a security bug, please report it to

    Additionally, from the way you describe this, it appears that you have or had a security issue with your host or some code within your theme or other plugins. Many times these things remain dormant until activated by the malicious party (I have been the victim of this before).

    Please, in the meantime, don’t blame a plugin author until your are sure and have proof of a security bug or malicious code.

    I can make two suggestions to you that will help you in determining your issues.

    1. Contact your host and ask them to review your installation for malware or viruses.
    2. Run your site through‘s free scanner.

    I would also appreciate it if you would remove or postpone your negative and 1 star review until you can prove your accusation.

    Thread Starter almend


    Hello Vincent. How can I postpone my review please? I tried but don’t found a way to do it.

    Plugin Author Vincent Listrani


    Were you able to get a site scan to locate the malware issue? Additionally, this is a good resource to help determine if any other plugins or themes you’re using present a vulnerability.

    I also misspoke on postponement request. I though you could return your review to a draft. You can simply edit your review but clicking the edit your review link at the top of your review.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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