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    I am wondering what the proper configuration would be to reach “super speed”! I have super-cache dialed in and working with php cache. I am using maxcdn and that is all set. Both these pieces are working well together and have been for a month. i am wondering how to add to that the cloudflare free cdn and not screw up what I have going.

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  • It is generally considered a very bad idea to have 2 x CDNs or 2 x caching plugins active at any one time. You will run into problems.

    For more performance, try getting super-cache running with mod_rewrite – Use mod_rewrite to serve cache files, and then optimise your site following the feedback you receive from:

    Actually CF and MaxCDN work well together if you are willing to learn how to set them up. MaxCDN is able to cache each file and serve them from another server, and CF can cache the whole page..

    However, its one of those things that if you don’t know how to setup you shouldn’t even attempt it.

    That’s interesting to know. I stand humbly corrected 🙂

    I am willing to learn how to do it, who will teach?

    Using Cloudflare with a CDN such as KeyCDN is actually a brilliant setup for both security and speed.

    For starters Cloudflare offers SSL for your domain for free, hence a good start for security of the site. Also the DNS they offer will greatly increase your speed! No doubt in my mind. I operate over 10 websites and every single one has a quicker first byte response when Cloudflare is turned on.

    Secondly, I’d suggest a better CDN than what Cloudflare can offer. I use KeyCDN because they also offer free SSL (which I want to continue the security.) Using a Cache plugin such as Super Cache, or even W3 Total Cache, allows you to setup the cdn (keyCDN, and not CF. Make sure not to mix those up)

    I use this setup on my websites and I can easily get them to load within 800ms almost every time (including JS, CSS, and Images)

    Hope this helps you buddy!

    Well Right now I have supercache and Maxcdn working. I would like to know the proper settings/setup configuration to add the cloudflare to gain teh extra security and hopefully speed. Can you give me a proper configuration step by step?

    Sure, I’ll try my best 🙂

    You need to go to

    Signup for an account and it will ask you to enter your domain name and it will take 60 or so seconds to scan who is the domain provider (Godaddy, Name-Silo, Google Domains just to name a few)

    It will then ask you to double check the DNS records (normally you won’t have to change anything) just turn on the Orange Cloud on the right side for the root and www domains. Click next and it will ask if you want Flexible SSL, say Yes. Do you want a Free plan, say Yes. Do you want to use the IP6, say Yes.

    Then it will give you nameservers. This is for the company you bought your domain with. Contact your domain company and ask to change your nameservers. They will give you the correct directions to do this. Every company may have different ways of doing it, so just contact your domain provider.

    After you have changed your nameservers to the Cloudflare ones, it will take up to 24-48 hours for your domain to be flowing through Cloudflare. Once this kicks in, you’re online and using Cloudflare 🙂

    There is no cloudflare plugin I need or anything, I just complete it as you describe above? OK now once that is complete, is there any settings with supercache that need to change? Is there something that I need to prevent being cached by maxcdn? are there particular settings I need to turn on or off with cloudflare or maxcdn or supercache so there is no conflict between the three?

    Actually yes! You do have two plugins you must have in WordPress. — This fixes the Flexiable SSL loopback error. Install this quickly if you haven’t already. — Install this to restore the visitor’s Orginial IP. Useful for analytics.

    As for conflict with the settings with those services, not that I know of. I have only used Maxcdn once and moved to Keycdn. But I believe they work similarly. Make sure you have your maxcdn pull url in your CDN settings for supercache. Here is their official guide if you need more details

    Setup WordPress with WP Super Cache

    OK thank you. I did see on one other site something about not cacheing the same resources twice and making sure not to minify twice. I am guessing this is a setting between maxcdn, supercache, and cloudflare where I do not want duplication?

    It’s 100% fine for your maxcdn or other cdn company to pull resources through cloudflare. Let me give a clearer example.

    Once you have your domain ( flowing through Cloudflare, any requests to your site WILL go through the cloudflare servers before hitting your serve, including requests from your PULL zone for maxcdn or keycdn. Cloudflare will just serve the file you request, and that’s what you want. So no worries if you use both cloudflare and your cdn together. You won’t run into issues.

    Where you could get issues is if you turn on minify on your WordPress plugin, and also turn it on inside of the Cloudflare Settings. Doing this will result in a mix up. I also don’t suggest turning on “Rocket Loader” with Cloudflare as it’s still in beta and could break JS and CSS.

    So to summarize,

    Turn off any minify options in Cloudflare
    If you want minify, turn it on ONLY in WordPress plugin
    You can pull from your https domain with Maxcdn through Cloudflare if your ssl is turned on with cloudflare. If not, set your pull zone to http for your domain, otherwise it won’t accept the https requests.

    “Where you could get issues is if you turn on minify on your WordPress plugin, and also turn it on inside of the Cloudflare Settings. Doing this will result in a mix up. I also don’t suggest turning on “Rocket Loader” with Cloudflare as it’s still in beta and could break JS and CSS. “

    Correct. You don’t want to turn on two minify options. Just a quick note that Rocket Loader won’t impact CSS (could potentially impact JavaScript and jQuery functions).


    Seems you have the answers to what I need to know. Can you please point me to clear and complete instructions on how to integrate my WP sites and S3 with KeyCDN and CloudFlare?

    I’m new to CDN and haven’t even signed up for either service and I really don’t want to waste time setting them up the wrong way and need some instruction so I can get it right the first time.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

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