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  • Hi, I just downloaded the subscribe me and installed it, but nothing shows in my blog,
    any idea what is wrong?

    the installation is very straight forwared,
    I unzipped the downloaded file, upload the content of the folder into plug in directory,
    on wordpress, clicked on activate, and everything seems OK,
    but nothing shows on my blog.

    I got subscribe me plugin, v.2.6 and wordpress ver 2.0.2 .

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  • I believe for this plugin to work “right out of the box” your theme must include the wp_meta() plugin hook in it’s sidebar (in an appropriate place):

    <?php wp_meta(); ?>

    Without it the plugin can’t ‘hook’ into the theme template. You can also use the plugin’s own template tag to define where the links are displayed:

    <?php the_subscribe_links(); ?>

    then I can assume my themes/s do not have the this line of code.
    because I did change couple of them that I had in them,
    so what is the solution, I want to use the theme I have,

    anyway to add something to the theme to make it work?
    I mean put this line of code somewhere in the theme,
    I don’t know may be it is not that simple.


    To use the theme you have now with a plugin like this, you need to add either the call to wp_meta(), or the plugin’s own template tag.

    In the case of wp_meta(), this generally resides in the sidebar at the end of ones “meta” section. If a theme lacks this, you can edit the theme’s sidebar to add it. Editing the sidebar is either done online through the theme editor, or offline by downloading the theme’s sidebar.php and opening this in a text editor. Then you just slip in:

    <?php wp_meta(); ?>

    at an appropriate place. Note I can only give general steps since you provide neither a link to your blog nor the theme you’re using.

    thanks for reply,

    I use college effect 1.0,
    what I did paste the following code that I got from
    the subsribe me page,

  • <?php the_subscribe_links(); ?>
  • into the sidebar.php file located in the collegaeffect folder of theme folder,
    now 5 link with image show up,
    I believe it is working now,
    if there is anything that I should do
    to test to make sure it works please reply,


Well I don’t happen to use the plugin so I can only assume that once the links/buttons appear, it must be working. :)

thank you so much for your help,

I have installed subscribe me and all looked to be working fine. But I noticed there are no items in the feed. And the feed that goes to my yahoo is a comments feed?
the link shows
is there a way to have the posts in the feed rather than comments?

I am trying to use this via a text widget…added both

<?php wp_meta(); ?>
<?php the_subscribe_links(); ?>

and still won’t work. Help?

Never mind…I was using the pre-widget instructions! Works perfectly as a widget.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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