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  • Hivey


    I forgot to add web site

    [No bumping, thank you.]

    Plugin Author Steve



    Which method have you used to integrate sub headings?

    If you opted for the automatic display method, it may not appear in exactly the right position based on the theme you are using.

    I would recommend using the manual integration method if possible, as stated in the FAQs section titled “How can I stop subheadings appearing in places I don’t want them to?”


    I see what you mean – where your subtitle appears, it doesn’t even look like a subheading.

    I just spent a couple hours trying to sort out vertical alignment for the Subheading plugin – there’s a big gap between it and the byline; no amount of Firebugging will reveal the cause.

    With regret, had to give up and install Subtitle 360, which delivers nice tight spacing; if you’re not dependent on h5 or h6 styles, you can specify in the (tiny!) index.php file and alter the CSS in style.css for your theme.

    NB: Also tried:
    KIA Subtitle: Didn’t display correctly.Poor documentation.
    The Subtitle: Didnt work. Poor documentation.
    Visual Subheading: Promising but quirky. HTML code shows up on a feature image slider. (!)

    Clients don’t pay for endless tweaking, so the plugins that work well first time are the ones we recommend.

    Zondar are you the developer of this other plugin?

    Steve will try to figure it out, but I’m no techie and totally lost.


    Ha, Developer ?!
    No, I’m a writer and editor thrown in the deep end when our PHP guy went off to your part of the world, and I also look after some sites he worked on.

    WP has come a long way in a couple of years but the weak link is half-baked or obsolete plugins (not meaning ‘Subheading’) that can use up hours of valuable time, and should be deleted from the WP supository.

    Plugin Author Steve



    I’m assuming that you were using the the automated method of displaying subheadings? If this is the case, the plugin uses the ‘the_content’ filter to prepend the subtitle before the content of the post (or page) with the tags defined on the settings page.

    The only way to ensure that the subheadings appear exactly where (and how) you would like is to edit the theme template and call ‘the_subheading’ function from there:

    <?php if (function_exists('the_subheading')) { the_subheading('<p>', '</p>'); } ?>

    You should then disable the auto append option on the settings page.

    Regarding the ‘big gap’, this was probably a result of the tags used to surround the subheading. Altering the tag or adding additional styles could have resolved this layout issue.

    Does this point you in the right direction?

    Plugin Author Steve



    I actually believe this plugin to be far superior to subtitle 360, as subheading should be able to provide the same functionality – and more – of that plugin.

    With regards to your question in the support forum for subtitle 360, you asked why this didn’t work:

    <?php if (function_exists('the_subtitle')){ the_subtitle('<p style="fontsize:12px;font-style: italic;font-weight:bold;color:#000000">','</p>'); }?>

    Using subheading you could have used:

    <?php if (function_exists('the_subheading')) { the_subheading('<p style="fontsize:12px;font-style: italic;font-weight:bold;color:#000000">', '</p>'); } ?>

    All you would have to do is disable the auto append setting.


    Good to see a developer looking after his product – prompt response is appreciated.
    Yes, your plugin does have some plus points – namely config options and
    styling is easy to change, as above.

    With ‘Subheading’ installed the second example you quoted worked fine, but when ‘Subtitle 360’ (and modified code; example1) was tested, the modified styling did not show up on the post.

    We use Genesis on all sites, with Simple Hooks plugin which makes things really easy. So the snippet above just gets pasted into the ‘show after title’ box.

    Okay, I’m lost here. I’m a novice when it comes to code. I would like the subhead to appear immediately after the title and before the date and author. What file should I be pasting

    <?php if (function_exists(‘the_subheading’)) { the_subheading(‘<p>’, ‘</p>’); } ?>


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