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  • i’m trying to let users to choose stylesheet from couple of css files in one theme.
    one theme having mutiple css file and users can choose any one.
    seems like there is no plugin for it

    please tell me i’m wrong.
    is there any plugin does that?

    of course for 1.5 version

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  • Where have you searched / looked ?

    Put the stylesheets in their own directory (under the wp-content/themes) as if they were “themes” using the template from your theme (btw, edit the heading of the style.css files accordingly) and then install the theme-switcher plugin.

    see, that’s the problem. I understand the theme switcher.
    having one more theme of it. but as i said, i’m looking for just css switcher within one theme. i’ve searched pretty much everywhere.
    but i guess it seems like there is no plugin does that yet.

    thanks guys

    The theme switcher starts out the same as the old style switcher. It’ll do what you want.

    As far as I remember with the old “style switcher” plugin (for pre-1.5 WP) it was the same: we had to put the stylesheets in their own folders… so I don’t really see what’s the difference? The links that would appear in the sidebar (when installing theme switcher) could be named wahtever you want: “change the style” 🙂

    You can try this solution, which is not a plugin but it only requires you to modify your template file (index.php)

    I implement it on my WP 1.5 website without any problems.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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