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  • Dear I want to make a theme using customizr but one question in mind before start my work. Can I completly remove the theme update option from theme. That my final theme never say for update. Please reply soon as soon as posible. And where I found bootstrap files. Thanks.

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  • At the moment, you could use customizr and when the next update is flagged as being available, simply ignore it and do not do the Theme Update.

    However, you will also be seeing WP updates coming through too (3.8 is out soon). I’ve not looked, but the 3.7.1 announcement page seems to imply that Automatic Updates is one of the new features. Not sure if you have to set that or not.

    Personally, I would not recommend your approach as updates not only provide new features (OK, you may not need them) but they do fix bugs, including security issues.

    Bootstrap files are included in the core theme as minified code and you do not need to touch them.

    Hmmmm. thanks for reply.

    Edde Poon


    The best option would be to make a child theme so you dont have to worry about updates.

    Try to utilize it.Child Themes

    NO I know about child themes. I am best in HTML & CSS but not in php. I want to convert my HTML Templates to wordpress premium themes. But I look frameworks. At the end I like to customizr and cherry from template monster. I reject cherry because it just best for child theme not to use it in theme. SO I choose customizr for work. But some questions in my mind. So, I want to completely remove the update portion or redirect it to my new theme. As I update them then user get update option. So, it is confirmed that customizr will get credit. And I wana need credit form theme appearance.

    Thanks if anyone give me his/her best suggestions.

    You would need to fork Customizr and create a completely new (copied) theme. But do remember to credit the original developer in your new theme.

    Yes I need this esmi. But still one thing, how to disable customizr from link to original theme update process. And then connect it to new modified theme for update, if I update in that theme?? Its a big question in my mind

    how to disable customizr from link to original theme update process

    By creating a new theme as I explained above.

    connect it to new modified theme for update

    Only themes hosted on are part of the update system. You would need to build your own update system for your own theme.

    Means in 1st step I just replace theme name. And this will disconnect from theme updates.

    So, if I did’t want update section so I don;t want to create it.

    Means I can play with customizr without any issue.

    Yes. When you fork (copy) the theme, you will need to change both the theme’s folder name and its name instead the style.css file.

    thanks esmi. I understand now.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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