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    I have an issue on my woocommerce as the stock is not decreasing with sells.

    I have as well Yith multi vendor, which I desactivated to perform such test :

    1. I set this product to 1 in inventory :
    2. I added it to the cart
    3. click on go to paypal to begin the buy process
    4. open a fresh browser empty of any cache / cookies
    5. go on same product
    6. and it’s still available…

    same on admin. still available.

    at product level, manage stock is set to yes, and stock qty to 1
    at woocommerce level, manage stock is enable as well, hold stock is set to 60

    did I miss something ?!

    thx for your help !

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  • try going to woocommerce -> settings -> Products -> inventory

    Manage stock = checked
    Out of Stock Threshold = 0

    yes this is the configuration I set. but it does not work 🙁

    did you set, “manage stock” also on the product page?

    Products -> Choose product -> Inventory

    Managed stock = checked
    stock quantity = X amount
    allow back orders = do not allow
    stock status = in stock

    If you have variations its better to set “Manage stock” at variation level with the above settings

    yes, the same you mentionned.

    are you completing the the full purchase process, IE completing a payment via paypal? You can use paypal sandbox to make test transactions.

    The stock is not reduced until payment is completed/received.

    If the paypal transaction is not completed, the order is set to pending payment and depending on your settings will be cancelled after a certain period. The stock is not reduced in this case.

    we are using paysite cash instead of paypal as payment gateway. So untill now, yes we purchased product with gateway in sandbox mode, as paypal.

    Payment have been validated, order are in processing status, and we set sone of them to complete. it does not change anything.

    and anyway, from my point of view, the product inventory should decrease since the purchase begin without waiting the transaction validation. this is why hold stock is set to 60. then, passing 60min, if purchase is not validated, invetory raise back to original status. this should be the way it works. but it does not, buying the product or not, validating payment or not, completing order or not 🙁

    i’m not sure what to suggest from this point. When the order is set to processing the stock should be reduced.
    Possibly your payment gateways post back is causing the orders to handle differently?
    Have you tried doing a test order with paypal to see if the stock is reduced upon successful order?

    payment gateway triggers properly the order status into processing, so it should be ok. And anyway, stock should reduce from “add to cart” without waiting for payment validation as if I have 1 single product, it should not be available if someone add it into his cart.

    @tonnick0033 Have you found any solution? been having the same issues over here and noticed this on the live server… wohoo

    nop. it seems that it’s ok with paypal gateway, but not with the pasysite-cash gateway. they updated their plugin, so it should be better, but I have still no verification about it.

    Basically, I noticed that when a sell is done, there is this step :
    IPN paiement completed

    if this does not appear in the buy process, it’s like sell is not completed. So product remains in stock. Same effect with piwik tracking plugin. it does not track the sell (but not sure about piwik tracking fiability either)

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    I’m having worldpay and paypal and it is also not reducing stock quantity for me. It is working for “cash”.

    I had this same issue, stock not decreasing after purchase. In woocommerce > settings > checkout > paypal, under advanced options, the receiver email was set to the secondary email I was using for the website orders. Issue resolved when I changed it to my main paypal email.

    Hope this helps someone out there.

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