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  • So, I’m considering various ways to create a nice staging environment for things like updating (for example, to 3.5.1, which I havent yet), as well as experimenting with layout changes.

    I’m wondering, if I set up a directory for, for example, is it safe to simply copy the production WordPress directory there, make my changes and test everything, then copy it back? My only real concern is how it interacts with the database.

    My WordPress site is nothing more than a blog with a single user, me, so it’s nothing very complex. I figured something like what I’ve just asked about is reasonable but I wanted to be sure before I screwed something up.

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  • I would use a sub domain and a plugin for copying your site to the subdomain, one which will move all files and database. Do a search in extend/plugins

    I tried doing a number of searches but couldn’t find a plugin with that functionality.

    I guess the real question is, what do I need to copy to create a staging environment where I can test changes and easily push those changes to production?

    More extensive searching with Google has offered up some solutions I may be able to look into.

    None of them are terribly simple, though. I’d like to see WordPress improve in this regard.

    me too on this one, somewhere I can test themes plugins, and promote to a live site, but keep users / posts on the live environment when migrating from the staging environment.

    joshvickerson what setup are you currently using ?

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