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  • Hello,

    I’m looking for a plugin or combination of plugins to accomplish this:

    I’d like to have my website set up where users can have multiple “profile” pages with custom formats.

    List Page
    For this profile page, I’d like to have an input field where a user can type an item to be displayed on the published page. For every input field that has content, I’d like an additional input field to pop up for the user to add another item. I’d like the input field to make suggestions as they type, based on popular items other users have input. I’d also like to have the list page set up so that there is a checkbox beside the item with the ability for the user to modify if it is displaying checked or unchecked. I’d like for the resulting list to be displayed alphabetically.

    Value Page
    For this profile page, I’d like to allow a user to choose from pre-determined categories to display. Each category can be enabled or disabled, depending on the user’s choice. Then within the category, I want to have a list of pre-determined items listed below each, with it being up to them which items to display in that category. Then I want each item to have an area with a value field for the user to input, with it pre-filled with 0.
    Example Published Value Page:

    -Summer Home

    I’ve searched and experimented extensively, and will continue to do so, but its now time to ask for some help. Some more experienced users may be able to help me out, so here I am. Thank you for the assistance.

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  • I have spent the last 6 months testing plugins and even attempting to hand write code that will do this. I’m still unable to get any of the results I desire.
    Can anyone help? Please?
    Even if all you do is suggest what to search for in the plugins or give me an idea that could help that would be amazing.
    I’m stuck and frustrated.

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